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Phone Guide - Model 8110 Sets

Spectrum SetsAUTO ANSWER: Automatically answers the call and turns on the speakerphone. When this feature is activated, the telephone rings once, and then an alerter tone sounds to notify you that the call has been connected and you may begin speaking. When the calling party hangs up, your telephone will automatically drop the call. DO NOT LEAVE THE PHONE ON AUTO ANSWER WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM YOUR DESK. If phone is left on auto answer, calls will not route to your J-talk voice mailbox, and incoming calls will be answered by your speakerphone even if you are not there to greet the caller.

  • To activate this feature, press the AUTO button so that the button pops up.
  • To deactivate this feature, press AUTO button again so that the button goes down.
  • To keep the AUTO button from accidentally being pressed, you may contact Information Technology and we can provide you with a blank replacement button that will stay in the "down" position at all times.

AUTO CALL BACK: Allows you to "queue" for a busy 864 number. When the number you want is free, your telephone will signal you with three triple bursts of ringing.

  1. Hear busy signal when dialing 864- number
  2. Tap switch hook.
  3. Get dial tone.
  4. Dial *5 #.
  5. Redial campus number you are trying.
  6. Listen for confirmation tone.
  7. Hang up.
  8. Wait for three triple bursts of ringing, pick up handset.

If you wish to cancel the auto call back feature before your phone has rung back, dial # 5.

AUTO DIAL: The AUTO DIAL buttons are the 12 programmable buttons found on the top right hand corner of your phone.

  1. Leave the receiver ON-HOOK and press the PROGRAM button to enter programming mode (you will hear a continuous tone while you are in the programming mode)
  2. Press the programmable button on which you want to store the number
  3. Dial number you want to program on that button, up to 20 digits
  4. To program additional speed dial buttons, repeat steps 2 & 3, or press PROGRAM button again to exit programming mode

CALL FORWARDING ALL CALLS Allows you to forward your phone calls to another 864 number or a local off-campus number. When forwarding to another on-campus number, your phone calls will route to your voice mail box if unanswered at the forwarded number.

To activate Call Forwarding to another on-campus number:

  1. Get dial tone on the phone number to be forwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Activation Code * 2 #
  3. Dial the five digit on-campus number where you wish to forward your calls.
  4. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

To deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be unforwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Deactivation Code # 2
  3. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

If you wish to call forward your KU phone number to a local off-campus number (such as your cell phone):

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be forwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Activation Code * 2 #
  3. Dial 8 + the local seven digit phone number where you wish to forward your calls.
  4. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

To deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be unforwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Deactivation Code # 2
  3. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

CALL PICK UP: Allows you to answer a call ringing in on another telephone number in your office from your own telephone set (you must first identify to Information Technology which telephone numbers should be in your call pick up group).

  1. Wait for dial tone
  2. Dial # 4
  3. Greet caller

CONFERENCE CALLING: Allows you to make a three-party call.

  1. Establish call to first party
  2. Hit FLASH button, you will hear dial tone
  3. Dial second party
  4. When second party answers, tap FLASH button again to link first and second parties with you

FLASH: Allows use of Transfer and Conference Calling features.


  1. Press HOLD Button
  2. Place handset in cradle (if using handset)
  3. To return to call, lift handset (or press SPKR)

MESSAGE WAITING LIGHT: Flashes when there are J-Talk messages. Lamp is extinguished automatically when messages are retrieved.

MUTE: MUTE button blocks all sound from your side of the conversation while allowing caller to continue speaking.

REDIAL: Redials the last number dialed (up to 32 digits).

RINGER VOLUME: The 2 tone controls on the side of the telephone allow you to choose your own personalized ring pattern and volume. Use this feature to help distinguish your incoming calls from those of other nearby telephones.

SEND ALL CALLS: Stops incoming calls from ringing on your telephone set and routes calls to your J-Talk voice mailbox (or to a pre- programmed coverage path). Wait for dial tone:

  • Send All Calls Activate: * 3 # (then wait for the three beep conformation tone).
  • Send All Calls Deactivate: # 3

SPEAKERPHONE: Instead of using your handset, use the SPKR button to place your call. The speakerphone volume control is found on the right hand side of the phone. Push sliding control away from you to increase the volume on speakerphone calls, towards you to reduce volume.

TRANSFER: Allows you to transfer any call to another 864- number.

  1. Tell the caller you are going to transfer them.
  2. Hit FLASH button, you will hear dial tone.
  3. Dial second party.
  4. You may hang up as soon as call begins ringing. If you wish to announce the call, wait for the call to be answered, explain you are transferring a call and then hang up.

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