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Phone Guide - Digital Sets

Spectrum Sets

AUTO CALL BACK: Allows you to "queue" for a busy 864- number. When the number you want is free, your telephone will signal you with three triple bursts of ringing.

  1. Hear busy signal when dialing 864 number
  2. Hang up.
  3. Get dial tone.
  4. Press your ACB button (contact Information Technology if you wish to have an ACB button added to your telephone)
  5. Redial campus number you are trying.
  6. Listen for confirmation tone.
  7. Hang up
  8. Wait for three triple bursts of ringing, pick up handset.

AUTO DIAL: An auto dial button can be programmed to dial any campus, local, or long distance number by pressing one button. an AD button can also be used in transferring calls to other 864 numbers. To program:

  1. Wait for dial tone.
  2. Dial * 0 #
  3. Press the Auto Dial button where you wish to store the number.
  4. Dial the number you wish to program.
  5. Press the Auto Dial button again.
  6. Listen for three beeps of confirmation tone.

CALL FORWARDING ALL CALLS Allows you to forward your phone calls to another 864 number or a local off-campus number. When forwarding to another on-campus number, your phone calls will route to your voice mail box if unanswered at the forwarded number.

To activate Call Forwarding to another on-campus number:

  1. Get dial tone on the phone number to be forwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Activation Code * 2 #
  3. Dial the five digit on-campus number where you wish to forward your calls.
  4. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

To deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be unforwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Deactivation Code # 2
  3. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

If you wish to call forward your KU phone number to a local off-campus number (such as your cell phone):

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be forwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Activation Code * 2 #
  3. Dial 8 + the local seven digit phone number where you wish to forward your calls.
  4. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

To deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. Get dial tone on the number to be unforwarded.
  2. Dial the Call Forward Deactivation Code # 2
  3. Hear conformation tone (three beeps).

CALL PICK UP: Allows you to answer a call ringing in on another telephone number in your office from your own telephone set (you must first identify to Information Technology which telephone numbers should be in your call pick up group).

  1. Wait for dial tone.
  2. Dial # 4 (or press your CPU button already programmed for CPU).
  3. Greet caller.

CONFERENCE CALLING: Allows you to make a six-party call.

  1. Establish call to first party.
  2. Press the CONFERENCE button once.
  3. Dial second party.
  4. When second party answers, press CONFERENCE button again to link all parties.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for additional conference connections.

To drop the last party added to a conference call, press the DROP button.

HOLD: Press the HOLD button once to place a call on hold. To remove a call from hold, press the rapidly flashing call appearance button.

MESSAGE WAITING LIGHT: Flashes when there are J-Talk messages. Lamp is extinguished automatically when messages are retrieved.

MUTE: MUTE button blocks all sound from your side of the conversation while allowing caller to continue speaking.

NORMAL: Allows display of information about incoming and outgoing calls. You only have a NORMAL button if you have a 7406, 7407, or Callmaster digital set. The NORMAL button is not needed on the 8410, 8411, or 8434 model sets.

SEND ALL CALLS: Stops incoming calls from ringing on your telephone set and routs calls to your J-Talk voice mailbox (or to a pre-programmed coverage path):

  • Wait for dial tone.
  • Send All Calls Activate: * 3 # (then wait for the three beep conformation tone).
  • Send All Calls Deactivate: # 3
  • OR: Press your pre-programmed SAC button. When it is lit, calls will not ring on your telephone, they will simply route to your J-Talk voicemailbox (or to a pre-programmed coverage path). To remove your phone from SAC, press your SAC button again and the light will go out.

SOFT KEYS: If you have an 8410, 8411, or 8434 telephone, the following buttons can be pre-programmed on your softkeys located at the top of the telephone. You can display any of the softkey features by pressing MENU. If the feature you want to use is not on the bottom line of the screen, press NEXT or PREV until you see the feature you wish to access. If the feature you wish to access is not shown, please contact Information Technology. Below are your soft key options:

  • Abbreviated Program (Used for programming your auto dial buttons)
  • Auto Call Back (Used when trying to reach a busy 864 number)
  • Auto Dial (One touch dialing)
  • Call Forward (Forwards your phone to another 864 number)
  • Call Pickup (Allows you to pick up another telephone that is ringing from your phone)
  • Date Time (Displays the date and time)
  • Last Number Dialed (Redial)
  • Pause (Inserts a "pause" when programming your autodial buttons)
  • Send All Calls (sends calls to your voice mailbox or to pre-programmed coverage path)
  • Stored Number (Allows you to see what you have programmed on your autodial buttons)

SPEAKERPHONE: Instead of using your handset, use the SPKR button to place your call. Power outages or switch upgrades may cause the speakerphone to blink. To stop the blinking, make sure the handset is on its cradle, then press either your shift or select button, followed by the speakerphone button.

STATION BUSY BUTTONS: Station busy buttons have dual functionality. These buttons serve not only as auto-dial buttons for on-campus numbers when pressed, but they also will show when that on-campus station is on the telephone. Contact Information Technology for additions or changes to your station busy buttons (at no charge).

TRANSFER: Allows you to transfer any call to another 864 number.

  1. Tell the caller you are going to transfer them.
  2. Hit TRANSFER button, you will hear dial tone.
  3. Dial second party.
  4. As soon as you hear ringing, tap TRANSFER button again. Or wait until the second party answers, announce call, then tap TRANSFER and hang up telephone.

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