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Using a webcam

For the closest thing to a face-to-face conversation, connect a web camera to your computer. Skype for Business automatically detects the web camera and uses it for your next video call.

Note: You do not need a web camera to participate in video calls and online meetings. The camera only enables you to share your own video. If you do not have a web camera or do not have it enabled, you will appear as a generic blue icon to others.

To set up your camera:

  1. If you are using an external webcam, plug it in to your computer.
  2. Click Options  in the settings icon Skype for Business interface, then click Video Device.
  3. If your don’t see your video preview, make sure the camera is working correctly.
  4. To adjust settings, click Camera Settings.

Start a video call

TIP: It’s always best to send an instant message and ask the person if they are available for a Skype for Business video call before initiating a call. They may need a minute to connect an audio and/or video device.

  1. Initiate an instant message and ask for permission to initiate a video call.
  2. Pause on the camera icon camera icon to preview your video.
  3. Fully click on the camera icon or click Start My Video to initiate the video.
  4. Your video starts streaming and is visible to everyone in the meeting. 

You can continue to send instant messages to the call recipient(s) and also to other contacts.

Note: If you accept someone’s incoming video call, they won’t see you unless you add video from your side of the conversation.

Stop or end a video call

  • To end video, pause on the camera icon and select an option:
    • Stop My Video ends your video, but you can still see other participants’ videos.
    • Leave video ends all the videos for you, but you’ll still have audio.
  • To end the call completely, close the window by selecting the grey X in the upper right corner of the window.

Accept a video call

When someone calls you, an alert pops up on your screen.

accepting a message

  • To answer the call, click anywhere in the blue area.
  • To reject the call, click Ignore.
  • Click Options to take other actions:
    • Reply by IM instead of video.
    • Answer With Audio Only if you don’t want to share your video.
    • Set to Do not Disturb to reject the call and avoid other calls. 

Note: You can participate in multiple voice or video calls at the same time. If you accept a video or voice call while you are on a different call, it will put your current call on hold.

Change video display options

  1. Click the Video drop-down menu during a video call to select how you would like to view the video.
  2. You can view video in full screen mode or in a pop-out window. You can also expand or hide the preview of your own video stream.

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Skype With The World

Do you have friends or family that use Skype for Business at other universities or organizations?

KU has open federation for Skype for Business, which means you can connect with friends and colleagues at more than 850 organizations around the world that also offer open federation. You can add a non-KU person at an open federation site to your contacts list and immediately begin a chat or S4B-to-S4B voice or video call. Check the Skype Directory to find organizations that have Skype for Business open federation.

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