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Online Meetings

Start an unscheduled or impromptu meeting

An unscheduled or impromptu meeting is any conversation with one or more other Lync users.

To start an unscheduled meeting by Instant Message:

  1. Select one or more contacts.
  2. Right-click and select Send an IM. (You can also right-click on a group’s name in your contact list.)
  3. Add voice, video, or collaboration features using the icons at the bottom of the Instant Message window.

To start an unscheduled meeting by using the Meet Now command, follow these steps:

  1. Open Lync, and in the Lync main window, click the Show Menu black arrow to the right of the Options button Options arrow, and then click Meet Now.
  2. In the conversation window, click the People Options menu Lync People Options button, and then do one of the following:
    1. To invite people from your Contacts list, click Invite by Name or Phone Number, type a phone number or select one or more contacts, and then click OK.
    2. To invite people by sending an email, click Invite by Email, and then fill out the meeting request.

Schedule an online meeting

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You can create an online Lync meeting and invite attendees that use Lync and those who do not. Attendees who do not use Lync will attend using the Lync Web App.

To create an online meeting or conference call request:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. In the Calendar view, on the Home tab, click New Lync Meeting. In Outlook, select New Online Meeting. Or, create a new meeting and select Lync Meeting in the Meeting tab.
  3. An automatically generated footer will appear with a hyperlink to the online meeting and a phone number and conference ID to join by phone. NOTE:  Do not modify any of the existing text in the meeting request. Doing so may prevent people from joining the meeting.
  4. In the meeting request, in the To box, type the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the meeting, separated by semicolons. You can invite both KU Lync users and non-Lync users. By default, Lync will include assume all attendees are presenters. To change this, see Change meeting access and presenter options.
  5. (Optional) In the meeting request, on the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click Scheduling Assistant. Use the Scheduling Assistant to ensure that everyone is available during the time you choose.
  6. In the meeting request, in the Subject box, type a subject for the meeting.
  7. By default, the location will appear as Lync Meeting. If you are also holding an in-person meeting at the same time, add the room and reserve it as you normally would.
  8. (Optional) In the body of the meeting request, above the Join Online Meeting link, type additional meeting details.

Change meeting access and presenter options

By default, Lync will include assume all attendees are presenters. These default options work well for small meetings with 7-10 participants, but you will want to limit access and presenter options for larger meetings.

To change meeting access and presenter options:

  1. In the Lync online meeting request, in the Online Meeting group, click Meeting Options
  2. Accept or change the default options as required. For details, see Microsoft’s Web page:

Join a scheduled online meeting

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To join a schedule online Lync meeting:

  1. Do any of the following:
    • In the Lync main window, above the search box, click the Calendar icon. Right-click the meeting listing and click Join.
    • In the meeting request, click the Join Lync meeting hyperlink.
    • In the meeting reminder, click Join Online.
    • Using the conference phone number and ID, you can call in and join the meeting by phone.
  2. Unless you call in, on the Join Meeting Audio window, select one of these options.

    Use Lync (full audio and video experience)

    You can use computer audio and video with your computer’s built-in devices, or a headset and camera.

    Call me at

    Lync calls you at a number you provide, such as your desk phone.

    Don’t join audio

    Select this if you decide you want to call into the meeting with a phone (and the meeting request includes call-in details) or join the audio portion later. Use the conference numbers and ID in the invitation to dial in.


Join an unscheduled meeting

You may be invited to an unscheduled or Meet Now meeting or to a meeting that is already in progress:

  1. In the notification that appears in the lower-right corner of your screen, click Join.
  2. Refer to the audio options above.

Invite people who don't have Lync installed

You can invite people who don’t have Lync installed to scheduled online Lync meeting. They will receive an email with a hyperlink that says Join Lync Meeting. When they click on the hyperlink, the Lync Web App will launch in their default browser. For more on joining and participating in meetings using this method, see Online Meeting with the Lync Web App.

Leave a meeting

To leave a meeting as a participant:

  1. Close the conversation or meeting window. Note: Lync will notify you that you are leaving the meeting and that the conversation will continue without you.

If you are a host and want to end the meeting for everyone:

  1. Click the additional options button in the bottom right corner of the meeting window.
  2. Select End Meeting.

Schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else

At this time, delegates cannot schedule Lync meetings on behalf of someone else without using a workaround.

  1. Have the person that you are delegating on behalf of create a Lync meeting in Outlook and invite you.
  2. Copy the meeting join information in the footer.
  3. Create future Lync meetings by creating a new meeting request and pasting the meeting join information from the previous meeting into the invitation.
  4. Complete and send the meeting request as you normally do. 


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