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Online Billing

KU Information Technology no longer issues monthly billings to University PeopleSoft accounts for voice (including long distance), data (including Cable TV) and one-time charges for move/add/change services, as of July 1, 2014. Support for these services will be funded by a re-allocation of funds based on FY13 billing data. Monthly billing will be replaced with annual show-back reports that reflect the services provided to the departments.


What if I have services that are billed to a non-PeopleSoft account?
If you are KU-affiliated, your services have been moved from an external account to the appropriate PeopleSoft cost center.
Will departments still need to gain fiscal approval for Service Requests?
Yes, nothing will change regarding the approval process.
Will departments still need to provide account numbers when placing Service Requests?
Yes, but it will be simplified. There will only be one account number for departments to provide (instead of separate fields required for accounts for installation, monthly and long distance charges). This information will be used for the show-back reports mentioned above.
If I am no longer using a data or voice connection, should I place an order to have it disconnected?
Yes, departments are still fiscally accountable for all active connections. Advise KU IT when active connections on your monthly statement are not being used or are in use by another department. By advising KU IT of unused connections, you allow the resources supporting that connection to be utilized for other connections, sparing the university from purchasing additional hardware.


Since the funds will be transferred as part of the base budget for FY15, how will possible increases and/or additional transfers be handled in future years?
Usage and expenses will be reviewed annually starting with FY14. If additional adjustments are required, the departments will be given notification one year prior to implementation for budgeting purposes. Savings identified will be returned to Central in accordance with CFE initiatives.
How should I budget for large projects such as the opening of a new building or expansion?
Funding decisions for large projects such as the opening of a new building or expansion will be addressed during the construction process.

Service Requests

I need to place a Service Request but cannot wait for the standard 7-10 calendar days. Can I expedite my request?
If the Service Request is an emergency or involves special circumstances, please include the requested service date and details of the situation. KU IT will review the situation and discuss with the requestor to expedite the process.
I need my Service Request worked on a specific date as part of a staff move or remodel project. How can I schedule this?
Please indicate the specific date needed and include details in the comments section of the Service Request. Remodel projects worked through Design and Construction Management may not be entered through Service Requests.
I need to install or move phone and/or data network service. There is an existing outlet near where I want the service location but not exactly where I want it. Will KU IT use the existing outlet or install a new one exactly where I want it?
KU IT will try to use an existing outlet wherever possible as long as the service required is within 20 feet of the outlet. If no outlet is available, a new one will be installed without a charge.

Long Distance

How will long distance rates be charged?
For KU-Affiliated units, there will no longer be charges associated with long distance. However, usage reports will be generated monthly and reviewed for atypical usage. Atypical usage will be brought to the attention of unit leadership. For non-KU-Affiliated units, charges will still be billed.


The standard model phone installed going forward will be the Avaya digital model 2410 in most campus buildings or the Avaya Voice-over-IP (VoIP) model 4621 in campus buildings which support VoIP service. The standard interval for completing service requests is 7-10 calendar days. This does not include large-scale projects such as new construction, remodeling projects or large-scale moves.
Will I still be able to request a phone that is not the default model 2410 digital or 4621 VoIP set?
Yes, if you need a different model of phone you may include that information in the comments section of the Service Request. IT will contact you to discuss if there are any issues with fulfilling your request.
What if I only need a phone line but do not need a phone set?
You may request an analog line without phone set on the Service Request form.
I have an analog phone now. May I upgrade to a digital phone with Caller ID?
Yes, you may place a Service Request to upgrade your phone line to digital service; this will require changing the infrastructure which supports your phone. In the comments section of the Service Request form please indicate your reason for upgrading (example: needing Caller ID, needing multiple lines, etc.)
What do we do if there is a service issue with our voice service?
KU IT will still dispatch a technician if you report a problem with your voice service.


How do I get accessories for my phone, such as a headset?
There will be a KUPPS shopping cart function available soon which will allow you to select a headset from among models tested for compatibility with the University phone system and your phone model. KU IT will continue to sell its existing stock of headsets for digital and VoIP phones until it is exhausted. Until then, both wired and wireless headsets are available.

Data Networking

How do I order wireless data service for my area or replace a departmentally funded wireless access point?
Campus funded wireless service will be installed on a project-funded basis only.

Cable Television

How do I request a cable television (CATV) connection?
Please complete a Service Request. Not every building on campus can support CATV. KU IT will contact you to advise whether your building has the necessary infrastructure.

Voice, Network & Video Rates and Charges

Lawrence Campus/Edwards Campus

Voice Services

Voice Installation Charges

Phone Lines:

Description Charge
New Voice Circuit - no existing outlet/jack or wire $130.00
New Voice Circuit - existing outlet/jack/wire $65.00
Change Voice Circuit - Analog/Digital, etc $40.00
Deactivate Voice Circuit - Analog/Digital $0.00

Phone Sets:

Description Charge
Change out phone set $10.00

Phone Features:

Description Charge
Call Vectoring $65.00/hour
Headsets Call 864-8080 for information

Voice Services - Monthly Charges & Rates

Lines & Circuits - Monthly:

Description Charge
Voice - Analog $19.00
Voice - Digital $19.00
Voice - ISDN $19.00
Voice - Extension of Analog Line $4.00
Voice - Business Line (on prem) $12.00
Voice - Digital Number Assignment $10.00
Voice - Vector Directory Number $10.00

Phone Sets - Analog Sets:

Description Lease
(includes Maintenance)
2500 Set $2.00
2554 Wall Set $2.00
6221 $4.00
Analog Cordless Set $3.50
Clarity $2.50

Phone Sets - Digital Sets:

Description Lease
(includes Maintenance)
2410 $6.50
2420 $10.75
2420 Expansion Unit $3.00
8434 $15.00
Call Master IV $13.50
Cellular Service  

Phone Sets - VOIP:

Description Lease
(includes Maintenance)
4610 $10.00
4621 $16.00

Voice Messaging - J-Talk:

Description Charge
J-Talk Mailbox $0.00
Auto Attendant (1 leg) $12.00
-Each Additional Leg $2.00

Voice - Miscellaneous Charges

AT&T Directory Listings:

Description Charge
White Pages $2.35/mo
Yellow Pages - Call 864-9353 for information  
Adds/Changes to Listing - one time charge: $19.00

Long Distance Rates:

Description Per Minute Charge
Domestic Long Distance Direct Dial $0.0650
International Long Distance see rates & info

Conferencing Service Card Rates:

Visit the Conference Calling section of our site to learn more about the Conferencing Service Card and other conference calling options.

Network Services

Network Installation Charges

Description 10BT Charge 100BT Charge
New circuit - no existing outlet/jack or wire $130.00 $130.00
New circuit - outlet/jack & wire existing $65.00 $65.00
Upgrade circuit from 10Gb to 100Gb $65.00* N/A
Deactivate Circuit $0.00 $0.00

* Please contact IT for further information about this rate.

Network Monthly Charges and Rates

Lines & Circuits - Monthly:

Description Charge
DATA 10BaseT-LAN $8.50
DATA 100BaseTX-LAN $8.50
DATA 10BaseT-BACS $8.50
DATA 100BaseTX-BACS $8.50
DATA 10BaseT-KUCARD $8.50
DATA 100BaseTX-KUCARD $8.50
Interbuilding Data Circuit $12.00
Cable Television Circuit $16.60

Network - Miscellaneous Charges

Ethernet Connector Cables:

Description Charge
10 Foot $13.00
20 Foot $15.75

Video Services

Cable TV Installation Charges

Description 10BT Charge 10BT Charge
New Circuit - no existing outlet/jack or wire $130.00 $130.00
New Circuit - outlet/jack & wires existing $65.00 $65.00

Other Service Charges

Miscellaneous Charges

Description Charge
Projects - per hour $65.00
Wireless LAN Access Point - per month $15.00

For off-campus service requests, please contact the KU IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080.

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