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Skype for Business Phone Service Introduction

How it works

Skype for Business phone service is an extension to Skype for Business that allows you to make and receive telephone calls from and to your KU work number. In addition to making and receiving calls, Skype for Business phone service offers unified messaging via your Outlook mailbox. Your voice messages will be delivered to you within Outlook, and can be retrieved via phone, Web or desktop. Benefits of Skype for Business phone service:

  • Provides added mobility as you are able to answer your KU phone number(s) from your computer or tablet (when you have Internet access) or your smartphone
  • Ensures you don’t miss important calls because you can easily forward voice calls to other numbers, such as your mobile phone or home phone
  • Saves time as you can quickly read summaries or listen to recordings of voice messages from your computer using Outlook
  • Gives you a virtual assistant. By calling the Outlook Voice Access number, 785-864-1900, you can hear an overview of your calendar on a specific day and even have your email read to you

The steps for starting to use Skype for Business phone service are below. Faculty/staff accounts are not enabled for Skype for Business phone service by default.

How do I know if I have Skype for Business Phone Service?

You will receive a notification containing your initial voicemail PIN.

What equipment is needed?

All you need for a voice call is a speaker and microphone, however additional devices may improve audio quality and privacy. See our Recommended Skype for Business Devices page for a complete list of recommended audio devices.

How to start using Skype for Business phone service:

  1. KU IT is implementing Skype for Business phone service in phases, and will work with your department’s leadership to get required information and timelines.
  2. Based on the agreed timeline, KU IT will transition your number(s) to your phone in groups. Not everyone in your department will be enabled at the same time.
  3. KU IT will enable you for Skype for Business phone service. You will receive an email notification from Microsoft Outlook when activated. The email includes your initial voicemail PIN.
  4. Optional: Set up your PIN at Your Skype for Business PIN is separate from your voicemail PIN and can be used to start online meetings by phone.
  5. If you have ordered a Skype-for-Business-enabled phone, you will receive it and can log in to your phone.

How will I know if I’ve been switched over? If you pick up your old Avaya or Cisco phone and hear a dial tone, you haven’t been enabled yet.

How your status works when people call you:

You will receive call notifications when your status is set to Free, Away, Busy, etc. Set your status to Do Not Disturb to send all calls directly to voicemail without notifications. All calls received while in Do Not Disturb will be logged in your Recent Calls list.

Emergency calling and 911

Your computer software is capable of making calls to 911; however, because Skype for Business phone service will not work in the event of a power outage, network outage or IT service outage, you should use your cell phone to make emergency calls while on campus.

When you are phone enabled, you will start to see your location automatically appear in the Skype for Business interface below your name. This is an automatic setting designed so that emergency responders will know your general location if you call 911 from your work number.

What you will notice when on the Lawrence campus and connected to the Jayhawk wired network:

  1. Within the first hour you are on a wired connected, it may show the generic location as "KU Lawrence Campus.”
  2. After that, it will change to a specific location, which will be highly abbreviated.

How to choose not to show others on Skype for Business your location:

You can choose not to show your location to others at KU, however this information will always be transmitted to 911 services. To do this:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow beside your location.
  2. Deselect Show Others My Location.


What to do if your location is inaccurate:

If your location is inaccurate, please notify KU IT by contacting the Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or

What you will notice when off of campus and/or connected to KU Anywhere:

If you are off campus and/or using KU’s VPN service (KU Anywhere), you will not see an automatic location. Instead, below your name you will see a red X and will be prompted to enter your location.

What to do in the case of a service outage:

In the event of an IT-related service outage and there is an emergency situation, your 911 call will not go through. For this reason, your cell phone should be your primary method for emergency calls while on campus.

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Skype for Business Information for Mac Users

Skype With The World

Do you have friends or family that use Skype for Business at other universities or organizations?

KU has open federation for Skype for Business, which means you can connect with friends and colleagues at more than 850 organizations around the world that also offer open federation. You can add a non-KU person at an open federation site to your contacts list and immediately begin a chat or S4B-to-S4B voice or video call. Check the Skype Directory to find organizations that have Skype for Business open federation.

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