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Wireless First Timeline

Work on the project has already begun. We expect to transition all buildings by the end of 2019.

How was the building order determined?

In determining the order for implementation in campus buildings, the Wireless First project team evaluated all buildings on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Age and effectiveness of existing network infrastructure
  • Planned or current network infrastructure projects
  • Density of classroom space
  • Student population areas
  • Concentration of computing labs
  • Density of wired network connections
  • Need to minimize disruption of significant events (e.g., end of semester, new student orientation)

Each building was given a priority score on a scale of -3 to 5, with 5 being the highest priority. The buildings were then ranked in order of implementation, with the highest priority buildings going first. Geographic proximity to other buildings and scope of work were also considered in the ranking. In some cases, lower priority buildings requiring minimal effort and in close proximity to higher priority buildings were grouped with those higher priority buildings.

Price Computing Center was used to test and evaluate equipment, and troubleshoot any issues before beginning the full-scale campuswide roll out.

What to expect during the conversion to Wireless First
The implementation process involves a number of coordinated activities, with most of the work taking place behind the scenes. Installation of new cabling and access points and replacement of the existing wireless access points (APs) inside the building will be the most noticeable activity. These activities will involve contract workers from P1 Group climbing ladders, opening ceiling tiles, pulling cables and adding new APs in the building. We don’t expect any WiFi service disruptions during this phase.

The second phase involves P1 Group replacing old APs with new ones, and activating the Wireless First network in your building. During this phase there will be brief, periodic disruptions in various locations as the work progresses throughout your building. If your device’s WiFi connection is disrupted, please wait about 10 minutes and try reconnecting. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we expand and enhance WiFi in your building.

Wireless Transition — Installation of new equipment (e.g., switches and access points) and conversion from old wireless network to new wireless network. There will be brief, periodic disruptions in various locations as access points are replaced and activated throughout your building.

Wired Transition — Cables for wired connections will be removed and devices will operate on wireless network.

 Building Wireless Transition Wired Transition
1421 Research Park Drive Complete TBD
Adams Alumni Center Complete TBD
Allen Fieldhouse  Complete TBD
Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center Complete TBD
Anderson Family Football Complex Complete TBD
Anschutz Library Complete TBD
Anschutz Sports Pavilion Complete TBD
Baehr Audio Reader Complete TBD
Bailey Hall Complete TBD
BEST Building (Edwards Campus) Complete TBD
Blake Hall Complete TBD
Bridwell Research Laboratory Complete TBD
Budig Hall/Hoch Auditoria Complete TBD
Campanile Complete TBD
Capitol Federal Hall Complete TBD
Carruth O'Leary Complete TBD
Center for Design Research Complete TBD
Central District "Burge" Union Complete TBD
Central District Parking Garage #1 Complete TBD
Central District "Stouffer" Apartments  Complete TBD
Central District Utility Plant Complete TBD
Chalmers Hall Complete TBD
Chamney Barn  Complete TBD
Chamney Residence Complete TBD
Chancellor's Residence Complete TBD
Chiller Building #2 Complete TBD
Construction & Landscape Complete TBD
Corbin Residence Hall Complete TBD
DeBruce Center Complete TBD
Dole Human Development Center Complete TBD
Dole Institute of Politics  Complete TBD
Dyche Hall Complete TBD
Eaton Hall Complete TBD
Entomology Research Lab Complete TBD
Environmental Health & Safety Complete TBD
Facilities Administration Building Complete TBD
Foley Hall Complete TBD
Fraser Hall Complete TBD
Green Hall Complete TBD
Hall Center for the Humanities  Complete TBD
Haworth Hall Complete TBD
Higuchi Building Complete TBD
Hill Engineering Research & Development Center Complete TBD
Hilltop Child Care Facility Complete TBD
Hoglund Ballpark Complete TBD
Hoglund Indoor Facility Complete TBD
Integrated Science Building #1 Complete TBD
Jayhawk Central (Edwards Campus) Complete TBD
Joseph R. Pearson Complete TBD
Kansas Memorial Union Complete TBD
Kurata Building Complete TBD
Learned Hall Complete TBD
Library Annex Complete TBD
Lied Center Complete TBD
Life Sciences Research Building A Complete TBD
Life Sciences Research Building B & C Complete TBD
Lindley Hall Complete TBD
Lippincott Hall Complete TBD
Maintenance & Surplus Property Complete TBD
Malott Hall Complete TBD
Marvin Hall Complete TBD
Marvin Studios Complete TBD
Max Kade Center TBD TBD
McCollum Laboratory Complete TBD
Measurement Materials & Sustainable Environment Center Complete TBD
Memorial Stadium Complete TBD
Military Science Building Complete TBD
Moore Hall Complete TBD
Multidisciplinary Research Building Complete TBD
Murphy Hall Complete TBD
NESA Aquatic Lab Complete TBD
NESA Maintenance Shop Complete TBD
NESA Research Lab Complete TBD
Nichols Hall Complete TBD
Nunemaker Center Complete TBD
Parker Hall Complete TBD
Parking Offices & Storage Complete TBD
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab Complete TBD
Pharmacy Building Complete TBD
Power Plant Complete TBD
Price Computing Center Complete TBD
Public Safety Building Complete TBD
Regents Center (Edwards Campus) Complete TBD
Regnier Hall (Edwards Campus) Complete TBD
Ritchie Hall Complete TBD
Robinson Health & PE Center Complete TBD
Rock Chalk Park Complete  
Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center Complete TBD
Shankel Structrual Biology Center Complete TBD
Shop Facility Complete TBD
Simons Laboratories Complete TBD
Slawson Hall Complete TBD
Smissman Labs Complete TBD
Smith Hall Complete TBD
Snow Hall Complete TBD
Spencer Museum of Art Complete TBD
Spencer Research Library Compete TBD
Spooner Hall Complete TBD
St. Andrews Office Facility Complete TBD
St. Andrew's Research Facility Complete TBD
Stauffer-Flint Hall Complete TBD
Strong Hall Complete TBD
Structural Testing & Student Projects Facility Complete TBD
Sudler Annex Complete TBD
Summerfield Hall Complete TBD
Twente Hall Complete TBD
University Press Offices Complete TBD
University Press Warehouse Complete TBD
Vehicle Maintenance Shop Complete TBD
Visitor Center Complete TBD
Wagnon-Parrot Athletic Center Complete TBD
Wakarusa Research Facility Complete TBD
Warehouse Complete TBD
Watkins Health Center Complete TBD
Watkins Home Complete TBD
Watson Library Complete TBD
Wescoe Hall Complete TBD
Wesley Foundation Building Complete TBD
West District Greenhouse Complete TBD
Youngberg Hall Complete TBD


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