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KU IT provides Lecture Capture service via Echo360. This service enables faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations or create ad hoc captures. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, to supplement materials covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based. The captured recordings can be viewed via a web browser and/or can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

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There are two options for Lecture Capture (Echo360) at KU: 1) Classroom Capture: Creating recordings via equipment and software already installed in classrooms; and 2) Personal Capture: Creating recordings via webcam/microphone and software installed on your work or personal desktop or laptop computer.

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Benefits of Using Lecture Capture

  • Maximize Class Time – Whether you’re flipping the classroom or recording feedback on test results, Lecture Capture helps you use valuable class time for more engagement, discussions and group learning activities.
  • Improve Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction – Providing students with 24/7 online access to lectures, course materials and collaboration tools has been proven to improve learning outcomes and boost student satisfaction.
  • Customize and Re-purpose Your Content – Lecture Capture gives you the freedom to personalize and record content at your convenience using Personal Capture. Create media-rich presentations or prepare students for lab exercises. You’ll also save time by updating and re-purposing content for future courses.
  • Forecast Problem Areas – With built-in analytics, you no longer have to worry about whether students have a firm grasp of course concepts. Using the Lecture Capture detailed statistics, you can predict trouble spots well before they start to impact grades.

How Faculty are Using Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture provides a wide range of options for faculty to expand their instruction. Here are a few ways you might use Lecture Capture in your classes:

Excused Absences

Instructors do not have to post every lecture online for students to view. Lecture Capture allows instructors to record lectures to be viewed only by students whom have excused absences. This allows students to stay current with the class lectures even if they have to be gone. The instructor has full control over which lectures get published.

Publish Everything

Lecture Capture provides a common place for instructors to post all of their lectures online for students to view. Whether you choose to publish to Blackboard or to a web site, Lecture Capture provides an opportunity for students to review lectures they heard in class, make notes and get clarification on topics in the lecture.


Recording lectures is a great way to review teaching techniques and presentation. Instructors can evaluate themselves by watching their own lectures, and by looking at feedback from students. The Echo360 EchoCenter Player features heat-mapping that shows what parts of the recording students reviewed most, spots where they may be having trouble. Students can post comments in the Echo discussion board which are time stamped and associated with a point in the lecture. They can also create personal bookmarks to mark points in the lecture they like, and points where they need more explanation. These features help you understand where students have concerns and can help you redesign your course for the next semester.


Accessibility is a major concern when moving course content online. Use this service to capture in-class sign language translators so that students with a hearing impairment can still use the courses online content. Students will see the slides or other course content while also seeing a video window of sign language translators.

Flip The Classroom

Use Personal Capture to record lectures, upload them before class and require students to view before arriving. This allows time during class to work problems together, review concepts and apply learned material from the lecture.

Learning Modules

Changing small details in a lecture allows for the creation of “learning modules.” For example, removing date specific material from a lecture allows for that lecture to be used multiple times in future courses. Record all lectures in this way and at the end of the semester you will have a set of lectures that can be used over and over again.

Online and Hybrid Courses

Record lectures via Personal Capture or re-use “learning module” lectures that have already been created to enhance an online or hybrid course. The KU Center for Online and Distance Learning (CODL) can help you with an overall instructional design for your online or hybrid course and how best to incorporate captured lecture materials for the online and distance learner. Contact CODL at or 785-864-1000.

Live Stream Courses

If you are teaching in a classroom where an Echo360 SafeCapture HD » appliance is installed, you can live-stream your courses for students or others to view in real time. Live stream recording must be scheduled by completing the Lecture Capture Request Form. Notify support staff if you need to live stream when your schedule your recording. If your classroom does not have an Echo360 SafeCapture HD appliance, you can use another service to live stream. See Schedule Live Streaming Event for more information.

Create Pre-class Videos

Use Personal Capture (See "Using Personal Capture" below) to create short 5 - 10 minutes videos for students to view before class. Record an introduction to your course and post it to Blackboard, introducing your students to the syllabus and other topics that will be discussed during the course. This is a great way to provide quick update for students or introduce them to ideas that will be discussed in a future class.

Using Classroom Capture

Some classrooms are equipped with Echo360 SafeCapture HD » appliances, but most will have Classroom Capture software installed on the classroom computer. Classrooms that have Classroom Capture installed will also have cameras with built-in microphones to enable you to capture your classroom lecture. You can complete the Lecture Capture Request Form ahead of time or create a recording in an ad hoc fashion. Submitting your request ahead of time will save you time in the classroom.

Get Started with Classroom Capture

Request an Account:
To create an account, and schedule a recording, complete the KU Lecture Capture Request Form. After you complete this form, IT support staff will contact you for a brief consultation.

Classroom Setup:
As you are setting up in the classroom, make sure the computer is on and you are logged in for both previously scheduled recordings and ad hoc recordings.

Schedule Recordings

Setting Up Lecture Capture for the Entire Semester

To ensure availability of a Lecture Capture classroom, and to avoid delays in getting lectures posted to Blackboard, we recommend that you schedule your Lecture Capture as early as possible – at least one month prior to the start of the term. Here are the steps to schedule recordings for the entire semester:

If you want to automatically publish captured videos to Blackboard, please provide the following information:

  • The 5-digit CRN of the course you would like to record.
  • The Course ID for the Blackboard course you would like the links to be posted to. If you want the lecture posted in more than one course, or you have a multi-section Blackboard course, be sure to specify.
    • To locate the Course ID for your Blackboard course, go to the Blackboard course and click on Files in the Control Panel. The Course ID will appear underneath.

Once you have booked your classroom and scheduled your recordings, you are all set – just show up and hold class as usual. Your class will be recorded at the scheduled time and will be posted in Blackboard automatically. You will receive an email notification when the link has been posted.


If you need to cancel class, contact the IT Lecture Capture Coordinator at or Media Production Studio at 785-864-6452 to cancel the recording for the day.

Setting Up a One-time Recording

In addition to recording your regular classes, you can also schedule one-time recordings, such as for another section you will miss or to record special class sessions (e.g., guest speakers, class presentations, etc.). Instructors can also schedule a practice recording session so they can see how the room is set up and how lectures will look for students. To schedule a practice session, contact the support staff for your classroom location.

Record Your Lecture

Previously Scheduled Recordings:

  • The classroom computer must be on
  • You must log in with your KU Online ID
  • The recording will start and end automatically at the time requested

Ad Hoc Recordings:

When using Classroom Capture (on a podium based PC) to capture lectures, you can control various aspects of the capture through the Classroom Capture dialog box in the Windows 7 system tray. To open this dialog box, click on the Echo icon in the system tray. Normally you will not need to make any adjustments to a scheduled classroom capture, but the Classroom Capture dialog box allows you to:

Share Your Lecture

There are two ways to publish your lectures and share them with students and colleagues:

Publish to email and EchoCenter:
This option allows anyone who has the web address for your videos to view them. This method is great for streaming videos on a website or sharing your videos with colleagues outside of KU.

Publish your lectures to Blackboard:
This method requires the viewer to log in to Blackboard before they can view your lectures. This method restricts viewing to those students who are enrolled in your Blackboard course and also allows for the collection of more detailed viewing statistics for your lecture videos. Enables video heat-mapping, unique video view counts and more.

The method of publishing you prefer will be set up during your initial consultation with the IT Lecture Capture Coordinator or local Lecture Capture administrator. If you have questions about publishing and sharing your lecture videos contact the support staff for the location where you will be recording (see "Lecture Capture Help below).

Using Personal Capture

Personal Capture (Echo360) is software you install on your computer to give you the freedom to create and edit customized instructional content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. You can use Personal Capture to record lectures, upload them before class and require students to view before arriving. This allows time during class to work problems together, review concepts and apply learned material from the lecture. If you know students are struggling with a specific concept, you can create a short explanatory video to help them master the concept.

Installing Personal Capture

Installing Personal Capture on a KU-owned Computer:

If you are using a university-owned computer, contact your departmental technology support staff to assist you with the installation.

Installing Personal Capture on Your Personal Computer:

Personal Capture Self-Help Articles

Viewing and Sharing Recordings

After your lecture has been successfully recorded, your video needs to be processed, and in some cases edited, before it can be shared.

Processing Your Recording

After your class is over, the recording needs to be processed before you can share it.

  • About 3-6 hours after your class session, your recorded lecture will be available.
  • If you don’t see your lecture after 12 hours, try the following:
    • Double-check to ensure that you have a EchoCenter button in your Blackboard course in the left side navigation.
    • Try switching browsers. Blackboard does not work well with Internet Explorer 9 – both Mac and PC users are encouraged to use Firefox.
    • Contact the IT Lecture Capture Coordinator at or Media Production Studio at 785-864-6452 for help if the button is missing, or if you do not receive an email with the recording link.
  • You will receive an email that has a link to your recording [View screenshot]. To open the recording, click on the first link underneath the capture date and time. The link will have the name of your course or the name of your recording as the title. If the link does not open from the email, you can copy the link and paste it directly into your browser.

Editing Your Recording

Important: Lecure Capture (Echo360) recordings can only be edited for 180 days from the date recorded. After that time they can be viewed but not edited.

Sharing Your Recording

When you request a scheduled recording, you can ask to have your recording linked to your Blackboard course.

  • You and your students will be able to access your recording through Blackboard using the EchoCenter button, which will appear automatically after the first recording is processed.
  • To make a lecture unavailable, or to limit its availability, first click on the EchoCenter button to enter that website. Then click on the chevron next to the name of the recording and select Edit. Here, you will find options for changing the recording’s availability.

If you want to share a web link outside of Blackboard, the recording needs to be set to be "all access" so that KU authentication is not required. The IT Lecture Capture Coordinator at can make that change if necessary.

  • You can use the link you received in your email, when the processing was completed, or
  • You can go into Blackboard, click on the EchoCenter button, then click on the recording you want to share. A browser window will open.
  • Copy the web address from your browser.
  • Paste this link in an email or anywhere else you might want to use it.
  • Please inform the recipient that they need to COPY the link and paste it into a browser. Clicking on it from inside the email will not work.
  • Be aware that if you share a recording this way, it can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Troubleshooting Playback Issues

  • Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date. To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player visit:
  • If that does not work, contact the IT Lecture Capture Coordinator at or Media Production Studio at 785-864-6452.


Lecture Capture (Echo360) allows you to learn at your own pace by making it easy to play back lectures and other course materials as often as you need to, bookmark sections within lectures so that you can go back and review them, and participate in online discussions with your instructors and other students. You have the ability to move forward or backward in a presentation to particular segments of the captured session. The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), and/or be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

We recommend all students start by visiting Echo360's Guided Tour of an EchoCenter » for an explanation of the different sections you will see and how to use them.

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