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KU IT provides Lecture Capture service to enable faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations, or to create ad hoc captures in their classroom or on their KU workstation or personal computer. Online lectures provide students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, to supplement materials covered in class, or to provide entirely online instruction. The captured recordings can be viewed via a web browser, posted in Blackboard and/or lectures can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Lecture Capture Information for Faculty

KU licenses video capture and on-demand delivery of video files from a cloud vendor called Kaltura. There are two Kaltura options for Capture at KU:

  • Kaltura Classroom: Scheduled or impromptu recordings via equipment and software already installed in classrooms
  • Kaltura Capture: Recordings created via webcam/microphone and software installed on your work or personal desktop or laptop computer

Using Classroom Capture

Some classrooms are equipped with hardware capture appliances, but most will have Kaltura Classroom software installed on the classroom computer. Classrooms that have Kaltura Classroom installed will also have cameras and microphones available, to enable you to capture your classroom lecture. You can complete the Lecture Capture Request Form ahead of time or create a recording in an ad hoc fashion. Submitting your request ahead of time will save you time in the classroom.

Get Started with Classroom Capture

Request an Account:
To create an account, and schedule a recording, complete the KU Lecture Capture Request Form. After you complete this form, IT support staff will contact you for a brief consultation.

Classroom Setup:
As you are setting up in the classroom, make sure the computer is on and you are logged in for both previously scheduled recordings and ad hoc recordings.

Schedule Recordings

Setting Up Lecture Capture for the Entire Semester

To ensure availability of a Lecture Capture classroom, and to avoid delays in getting lectures posted to Blackboard and Canvas, we recommend that you schedule your Lecture Capture as early as possible – at least one month prior to the start of the term. Here are the steps to schedule recordings for the entire semester:

If you want to automatically publish captured videos to Blackboard and Canvas, please provide the following information:

  • The 5-digit CRN of the course you would like to record.
  • The Course ID for the Blackboard course you would like the links to be posted to. If you want the lecture posted in more than one course, or you have a multi-section Blackboard course, be sure to specify.
    • To locate the Course ID for your Blackboard course, go to the Blackboard course and click on Files in the Control Panel. The Course ID will appear underneath.

Once you have booked your classroom and scheduled your recordings, you are all set – just show up and hold class as usual. Your class will be recorded at the scheduled time and will be posted in Blackboard automatically. You will receive an email notification when the link has been posted.


If you need to cancel class or series of recordings, contact the Media Production Studio at or 785-864-6452 to cancel recording.

Setting Up a One-time Recording

In addition to recording your regular classes, you can also schedule one-time recordings, such as for another section you will miss or to record special class sessions (e.g., guest speakers, class presentations, etc.). Instructors can also schedule a practice recording session so they can see how the room is set up and how lectures will look for students. To schedule a practice session, contact the support staff for your classroom location.

Record Your Lecture

Previously Scheduled Recordings:

  • The classroom computer must be on
  • You must log in with your KU Online ID
  • The recording will start and end automatically at the time requested

Ad Hoc Recordings:

Share Your Lecture

Lecture recordings should be available in your Kaltura My Media account within 4 to 6 hours of the end of class.

To get a link or HTML Embed code for sharing outside of Blackboard/Canvas:

To share inside Blackboard:

Using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is an application you can download to your computer, and can capture screen, webcam, and voice. It gives you the freedom to create and edit customized instructional content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. You can use Kaltura Capture to record lectures, upload them before class and require students to view before arriving. This allows time during class to work problems together, review concepts and apply learned material from the lecture. If you know students are struggling with a specific concept, you can create a short explanatory video to help them master the concept.

Install and Use Kaltura Capture

Installing Personal Capture

Installing Personal Capture on a KU-owned Computer:

If you are using a university-owned computer, contact your departmental technology support staff to assist you with the installation.

Installing Personal Capture on Your Personal Computer:

  • Contact the Media Production Studio at or 785-864-6452 for guidance.

Lecture Capture Information for Students

Lecture Capture allows you to learn at your own pace by making it easy to play back lectures and other course materials as often as you need to, bookmark sections within lectures so that you can go back and review them, and participate in online discussions with your instructors and other students. You have the ability to move forward or backward in a presentation to particular segments of the captured session. The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), and/or be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Your instructors will provide guidance on how and where to access recordings, whether through Blackboard or another platform.

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