Price Computing Center

Front entrance of Price Computing Center

The Price Legacy

The Price Computing Center, home of KU Information Technology, is named in honor of G. Baley Price. A ceremony was held on May 13, 2014 to rededicate the Computer Center in honor of Dr. Price.

Dr. Price was a pioneer during the golden age of mathematics, and a long-time faculty member and former chair of the Mathematics Department at KU. He was instrumental in developing “new math” for high schools and colleges and was recognized in 1970 with the Mathematical Association of America's Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics.

A graduate of Mississippi College and Harvard University, Dr. Price joined the University of Kansas in 1937 and served here for 38 years. During World War II, he served as a Civilian Operations Analyst for the Eighth Army Air Force in Europe, using a slide rule to compute bombing accuracy.

The dedication of the Price Computing Center honors Dr. Price for his early contributions to computing at KU and nationally. Dr. Price brought the first computer to KU in 1957, laying the cornerstone for information technology on campus. Since then, computer technology has played an increasingly important role in helping the University of Kansas educate leaders and achieve its goal of being recognized as a top-tier public international research university.

Construction on the Computer Center was started just 20 years after Dr. Price brought the first computer to campus. It was designed and built as a dedicated home for information technology on campus, and reflects a spirit of innovation. The Computing Center houses over 700 servers and more than 200 IT staff members. From this building, KU Information Technology supports more than 30,000 customers and manages over 90,000 unique network devices. It is the hub of information that crisscrosses the campus and connects KU faculty, staff and students to the world.

Price dedication plaqueKU IT traces our roots back to Dr. Price, and we see his vision reflected in the technologies we provide today. Most importantly, his legacy is seen in the thousands of students, faculty, staff and researchers who use technology on campus to achieve their academic goals and make discoveries that change the world.

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Price.