Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists, also known as mailing lists, listservs or discussion lists, allow people with common interests to easily share information and participate in discussions by using a dedicated email address. Messages sent to the list address are automatically distributed to all members of the group.

Distribution List Options

KU Group Lists

Only people with a KU email address can join a KU Group List. In addition to people, other resources in the KU Global Address Book, such as conference rooms, can also be added to a KU Group List. And, these lists can be used for other purposes, such as group calendars and assigning rights to folders in data storage systems.

KU Group Lists can only be made for departments, classes, and officially approved and recognized university organizations. Campus clubs and other unofficial groups must use the Mailman service, rather than KU Group Lists.

Membership of KU Group Lists can be managed automatically by a nightly program that syncs with human resource and student data systems. This removes the need for anyone to manually maintain a list that is created using specific criteria (e.g., all undergrad students in Engineering). Once created, the list is automatically maintained and list owners can be assured it always contains the correct people. KU Group Lists can also be created to allow the list owner to manually add or remove members from the list.

There are two types of KU Groups Lists: 1) Course Group Lists and 2) Non-course Group lists.

Mailman Mailing Lists

Mailman Mailing Lists can include external (non-KU) email addresses. Mailman offers a convenient, web-based interface for list owners to create lists, add members, manage subscription settings, approve messages if a list is moderated, and more. List members also can manage their own preferences through a similar web-based interface. Because of this flexibility, Mailman is the best choice for informal discussion, hobby, and interest groups.

Comparing List Options

List Comparison
KU Group ListMailman Mailing List
Only allows KU email addressesCan include any email address
Only for official KU departments, classes and organizationsFor other informal groups on campus and groups with outside subscribers
KU IT creates the list and adds subscribersSelf-service ability to create, manage and subscribe to lists
Offers enhanced capabilities with Outlook , such as calendarsStand-alone system, no functionality with Outlook

Which Option is Best for You?

Do you want the list membership to be maintained from Human Resources and Student Records data, without any manual input?

Yes = KU Group List | No = Mailman

Do all list participants have a KU email address?

Yes = KU Group List | No = Mailman

Do you want list members to be able to subscribe and remove themselves from the list?

Yes = Mailman | No = KU Group List

Will your list contain members who are not directly affiliated with KU?

Yes = Mailman | No = KU Group List

Are you requesting a list for use by an informal group, club, or some other organization which is not recognized by KU in any official capacity?

Yes = Mailman | No = KU Group List