Departmental Accounts

KU IT provides various types of accounts to serve and support different functions and needs of campus units and departments.

Resource Accounts

Departmental resource accounts are Microsoft Exchange accounts for specific rooms or equipment. Once a departmental resource account has been established for a room or piece of equipment, users can schedule the resource just like participants via Microsoft Outlook meeting invites.

Visit the Departmental Resource Accounts service page for more information.

Email Accounts

Departmental email accounts are associated with a task or function. Departmental accounts are owned by the department or organization and must be renewed annually (fall semester). Examples of departmental accounts include "" and ""

Visit the Departmental Email service page for more information.

Sponsored Temporary Accounts

Sponsored Temporary Accounts provide access to select KU technology systems and services for campus temporary workers, such as contractors, vendors, guests, groups, etc.

Visit the Sponsored Temporary Accounts page for more information.

Website Accounts

All official KU units/departments can request a content management system (CMS) website account. Designed for non-technical users, KU's content management system (CMS) is a software platform that enables users to create and maintain websites within the KU template. Student organizations and individuals are not eligible for CMS accounts. Non-CMS website options are available for special use cases.

Visit the Web Hosting service page for more information.

Database Accounts

KU IT assists faculty and staff in creating accounts to develop and maintain an online database on their own. Individuals planning to create and maintain their own online database must be trained in the programming language they plan to use. KU Web Services provides custom programming and database creation to faculty and staff for the development of online databases.

Visit the Oracle service page for more information.