Research Workstation Support

Workstation and other technology support for researchers is provided by KU Information Technology through our Technology Support Centers (TSCs). The TSC model provides local support while leveraging the efficiencies and benefits of centralized management. The model streamlines processes, creates new channels of communication and feedback and fosters customer-focused decision-making. In addition to the Technology Support Centers that support individual units, a dedicated Research TSC provides more specialized support to researchers.

The frontline TSC staff who provide direct support to researchers, are backed up by Tier 2 support staff who can help analyze, diagnose and resolve more challenging technology issues. The most difficult and complex technology issues are escalated to experts in KU IT who have specialized knowledge and experience.

Grant Proposals

Due to the availability of central resources and multiple tiers of technology support staff, it is difficult to determine the approximate value for the services you receive in your research area. An estimate may be important for computation of services received from the university for use in your grants. We suggest you use the following formula to estimate an approximate total benefit that you are receiving from the university for workstation support:

>10multiply by $480


Cost is based on an estimate of about $480/year to support a computer that is centrally managed and this rate is approved by KU Comptroller’s Office.