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The official email address for a unit is a departmental email account. Examples include, and accounts provide a single point of public contact, and allow multiple staff members in a unit to read and respond to emails. They also can be used to send campuswide messages from the department account, instead of from the unit leader's own KU email account.

A unit or department may have multiple departmental email accounts serving different purposes and/or audiences.

Benefits of departmental email accounts:

  • A departmental account email address can be used on brochures, web pages, letterhead, etc. If staff changes, you won't have to reprint this material.
  • People who want to contact an office don't need to know the name of the person doing a particular task in order to send email to your office.
  • Messages in the departmental account are available year-after-year, which eases transition issues as staffing changes occur.
  • Messages can be answered in a timely manner because multiple individuals will have access to the account.
  • Email sent to the departmental account will not count against personal mailbox limits. The departmental account mailbox has its own 2 GB storage limit.



Request a Departmental Email Account

Please complete the Departmental Email Account Request.

If you have questions about the form, contact KU IT Account Management at 785-864-0439 or You will be notified by email when your departmental account has been created.

Logging into a Departmental Email Account

Contact your IT Support Staff for help in setting up a departmental email account in Outlook on your KU computer. If you use mail merge in Microsoft Office, be sure to tell your IT Support Staff before they set up your shared mailboxes in Outlook.


For questions about departmental email accounts and/or the account request form, contact IT Account Management at or 785-864-0439.

Technical support is available through the KU Information Technology Customer Service Center at or 785-864-8080.

Training and Tutorials

Guides for logging into shared departmental email accounts:


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Departmental Email