WiFi Pop-up Message When Connecting on Campus

When connecting to the Jayhawk and eduroam Wi-Fi networks beginning Thursday, August 10, you may be prompted to accept a new certificate on your computer or mobile device.

KU IT is implementing a new security certificate for campus wireless networks on August 10 starting at 6 a.m. After that time, you may see a one-time message on your device when connecting to campus wireless networks. If you are currently away from campus, you may see the message on your device the first time you connect to the wireless network after returning to campus.

This is a valid prompt and it is safe to trust/accept this new certificate.

Below are screenshots of what you might see.

Windows pop-upiOS pop-up
MacOS pop-up


Android users will not be prompted, as their devices should automatically accept the change.

If you have any questions about the certificates or campus technology in general, contact the IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or itcsc@ku.edu.