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Adobe Express is an integrated suite of storytelling applications for mobile and web, including Spark Page, and Spark Video and Adobe Express: Graphic Design. Use the mobile applications to quickly design eye-catching text-and-image mashups, web pages and videos.


Adobe Express is included in Adobe Creative Cloud, which is available to faculty, staff and Architecture & Design students at no cost.

All students can get Adobe Express with premium features by opting in. Students will need to renew their KU Adobe Express Premium license annually before start of fall semester.

Opt-in Procedures:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the button to “View licensing” in the lower right corner.
  3. You should see information about Adobe Express. Select “Claim your license.”
  4. You can now use Adobe Express with premium features on your mobile device or through a web browser.

To log in:

To access Express from a desktop, visit the Adobe Express website.

  1. Choose the email option (if prompted)
  2. Enter your KU email address.
  3. If prompted, choose “Company or School Account.”
  4. Sign in with your KU Online ID and password.  

iOS Mobile Apps

Androld Devices

At this time, only Adobe Express: Graphic Design is available on Android.


Limited support is available through the KU IT Customer Service Center at or 785-864-8080.

Additional help is available on Adobe's Express support website.

Training and Tutorials

Adobe Express tutorials are available via Adobe Education Exchange.

Adobe Express teaching resources.


Mobile Apps

Adobe Express