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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a second layer of security that you have to clear after entering your user ID and password into a system. Duo is the vendor application KU uses to provide multi-factor authentication.

MFA is used when you access systems protected by Single Sign On — systems such as Canvas, Enroll and Pay and HR/Pay. You will use MFA when you sign into these and other KU systems.

When logging into a protect KU system, you will enter your KU Online ID and password as usual. A screen will then appear asking you to choose an authentication method using the Duo app on your smartphone. The best option is a push notification to your phone. Your phone will show an alert, you will accept and you’ll be allowed to enter the system. Alternatively, the Duo app will generate a numeric code or send a text message with a numeric code that can be entered during the log in process.

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Download the Duo app for iOS or Android.

Who is Required to Use Duo?

  • Full-time employees and part-time, non-student employees
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants
  • Sponsored Temporary Account holders
  • Some student hourly employees (Not all departments require student hourly employees to have access to Duo. If your department requires Duo, you supervisor should send an email to itcsc@ku.edu requesting Duo access for you.)

Students who are not employed by KU do not need Duo to log into any KU systems.



Support is available through your department's IT Support Staff or the KU Information Technology Customer Service Center at itcsc@ku.edu or 785-864-8080.

Additional support is available through the Duo website.

Training and Tutorials

The KU IT Knowledge Base provides set up guides and other information.


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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication