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Enables faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations, or to create ad hoc captures in their classroom or on their KU workstation or personal computer. Online lectures provide students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, to supplement materials covered in class, or to provide entirely online instruction. The captured recordings can be viewed via a web browser, posted in Canvas, and lectures can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Lecture Capture Information for Instructors

KU licenses video capture and on-demand delivery of video files from a cloud vendor called Kaltura. There are two Kaltura options for Capture at KU:

  • Kaltura Classroom: Scheduled or impromptu recordings via equipment and software already installed in classrooms.
  • Kaltura Capture: Recordings created via webcam/microphone and software installed on your work or personal desktop or laptop computer.


Classroom Video Recording

To create an account, and schedule a recording, complete the KU Lecture Capture Request Form. After you submit the form, IT support staff will contact you for a brief consultation. If your room does not have Lecture Capture listed as an amenity, contact IT Classroom Support at 785-864-1200 to discuss alternatives for relocating your class or to request that equipment can be added.

Personal/Desktop Video Recording

Contact your departmental technology support staff to assist you installing Kaltura on your KU-owned workstation.

Contact the Media Production Studio at itmps@ku.edu or 785-864-6452 for assistance with installing Kaltura on your personal computer.


Instructor Support

For Lecture Capture questions and support, contact the support group for the location where you will be recording:

Student Support

For course-related Lecture Capture questions and support, start by contacting your instructor. Additional support is available through the KU IT Customer Service Center at itcsc@ku.edu or 785-864-8080.


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