Microsoft Teams





A collaboration and communication platform for groups, work teams and departments. Microsoft Teams provides a cloud workspace for video meetings, group chats, group calendar and file storage/sharing. Teams has persistent chat functionality, a feature that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous chat between Team members.

Teams integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 tools, including Outlook, Word, Excel and SharePoint, as well as other Microsoft and third-party applications.

Microsoft cloud platforms are fully compliant with all regulatory frameworks, but if you are going to store Critical data (formerly Level 1/Confidential) in your Teams site, you need to speak with your departmental IT Support Staff first.


Microsoft Office is standard on all Windows-based KU workstations, including in most campus computer labs.


Students can download Microsoft Office at no cost by logging into Office 365 with their KU Online ID.

Faculty & Staff:

For Home Use:

Faculty and staff can download Microsoft Office for home use at no cost by logging into Office 365 with their KU Online ID.

On KU-Owned Work Machines:

Microsoft Office is standard on all KU-owned workstations for faculty and staff. If Microsoft Office is not installed on your workstation, please contact your technology support staff for assistance.

Mobile Apps:

Visit Microsoft for information on downloading Office 365 and office mobile apps for iOS or Android devices.


Support is available through the KU Information Technology Customer Service Center at or 785-864-8080.

Training and Tutorials

Guides and information are available on the How To KU website.



Microsoft Teams