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Comments from Our Customers


Joel Sanderson, I telephoned the Verio people and the renewal has been accomplished, as you can see. I guess that’s all that is needed. I really appreciate your help in this. You really went the extra mile. —  John T.​
Jason Dozier – Many thanks to Jason Dozier for assisting with our Spring "You at KU – International" Orientation! With his help, we welcomed 123 new Jayhawks from 39 different countries into our flock. The results of our post-orientation survey were overwhelmingly positive. We would not be able to properly welcome our students to KU without the help of individuals like you. — The ISS Orientation Team​
Over the past few weeks Andrew Linenberger and Erica Boos have been working incredibly hard creating an out-of-box environment for Information Technology Projects in ServiceNow. This undoes several years of frustration with the old space, where features and functionality were unusable because of the customizations to Project in ServiceNow. By reverting to out-of-box, IT is able to use the full capabilities of the Project module. We are already seeing benefits of this work. ServiceNow is being used for planning in the IT Strategic Roadmap, and the changes have laid a foundation for IT Governance. Things we have only talked about implementing in the past, are now closer to reality with a usable environment. This really benefits all of IT, and will into the future. With a world of possibilities now available, a special ‘thank you’ for humoring me and my grandiose ideas (and politely telling me to settle down). — Tom R.
Kevin Horner was professional, remarkable and went above and beyond to answer my questions and anticipate issues I may have in the future. Kevin represented KU IT in the best possible way. Thank you for your help. — Laura P.
Kat Ortega has been awesome during this experience. My laptop, dock and monitors have had some ongoing connectivity issues, and Kat worked hard throughout a complete Dell repair/reimage, re-setup, test, etc., to get the whole system back up and running. She rocks, and we sure appreciate her work. — Pam B.
Mat Wehner of our Youngberg team has been terrific in dealing with these odd situations that come up at the Lied Center, particularly with enabling client systems so they can operate as they should within the parameters of the university security structure. I am grateful! — Ann H.
Giggi DeCoursey was not only responsive but worked diligently to identify creative solutions to solve the problem. I am impressed with the work of her and her team. — Charles H.
I wanted John Rinnert’s managers to know how helpful he was producing a recent webinar for our grant. We ran into an audio challenge and John handled it well and made our team feel composed during a moment of uncertainty. He is extremely easy to work with and we greatly appreciated his production skills. He is a person I look forward to working with in the future. I trust him and his professional skills. — Kylie G.
I want to pass along KUDOS to Cheryl Harber and Mary Rochelle for the success of the development and implementation of the Change of School eForm and the workflows for each school (School of Engineering/Architecture & Design/Music/Education/Social Welfare/Business/Journalism/CLAS). Jeff Roberts brought the project to the table and stayed engaged as a sponsor in the way we needed him to (which often times sponsors don’t), and Cheryl and Mary were excellent with working with the schools and digesting all of their individual requirements and keeping the momentum going! Amanda Aveyard-Elo also helped with the requirements in the first phase and did a wonderful job as well. The schools are extremely pleased with this new process and students now have the ability to log in and complete the online form which will then route through a customized workflow for each school and on to the Registrar’s queue for processing. Students no longer have to interpret what’s required as the eform pre-populates certain data and has explanations, nor do they have to print out, scan in or drop it off with the necessary school. And, the schools no longer have to go through the same process of getting it to the Registrar. This was a definite process improvement win! — Cara N.​
I would like to let you know how amazing Julie Fugett, Grant Hays and Tom Moroney are. Recently the KU Public Safety Office had an issue with an interview room recorder which had items on it that we needed to recover but were unable to because the system locked our password out. We have this system offline due to the nature of what is on the recorder and obvious security issues. The vender told us that in order to have the password reset we had to get the system online and then they could “sniff out” the recorder in order to reset the system.  For obvious reasons we didn’t want to do this and we were not going to, as the vendor put it, let them “sniff out” and have access to any part of our network. Thanks to your wonderful staff, including, but not limited to, Julie Fugett, Grant Hays, Tom Moroney and others I am sure I am unaware of, we were able to get the system hooked up to a secure network where traffic was limited to just the DVR and a computer with no sensitive information on it and the vendor was able to reset the password. Because of your staff we were able to do this quickly and we didn’t lose any data, which I cannot express enough was a real relief for me and my co-workers. Again, I would like to thank your staff for the wonderful job and let you know how amazing they are. — Todd C.


Just want to compliment the support I received from Colby Qualls for a new/unique event for KU and K-State alums and state senators/representatives who were participating in a program about advocacy. The program was a success, and the logistical details couldn’t have been better, and this led to the positive reviews that were received already. Thank you for your help! — Charlie P.
Austin Corbitt, thank you. Other than a short hold on the phone, everything went very well. Problem was solved quickly over the phone. Thank you for your support of the Wichita Campus! — Patricia C.
It’s amazing the patience level Jason Olenberger has for two of our faculty who constantly need help with IT stuff. You’re an ANGEL, Jason, for your constant contact and for fixing their weekly problems that seem to come randomly. — Le-Thu E.
Give Drew Fox a RAISE… Okay, give him some paid time off… — John P. 
Alex Arnston does a wonderful job interacting with staff and faculty and has such a positive and helpful vibe each and every time he assists with something, no matter the ask. He is wonderful IT staff!!! — Ann E. 
I want to give Doug Cherry a shout out for the migraine trigger warning he gave re:  the welding and fumes. He came up to warn several people, including me, which I really appreciated. It was really thoughtful and shows just how invested he is in this place and the people. — Julie F.
To whoever came up with and designed the posters for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (Sierra Hunter)—great job! They made me laugh and kept me scrolling. — Meredith W.
I just wanted to send a message to whoever is developing the theme and content for the KU IT Newsletter (Sierra Hunter, Haines Eason) to say kudos! They perfectly walk the line between funny and eye catching, informative with just the right amount of content. I enjoy reading it—which are words I never thought would come out of my mouth about an IT newsletter. — Morgan S.
Wayne Jefferson , thank you for all your efforts related to getting my access to a test site I needed for a project I’m working on for KU Dining. I really appreciate your follow up to make sure all issues were resolved. — Mary R.
Ashley Baker, normally I’m looking at survey feedback to address negative things with what customers have to say. I’ve noticed a long running pattern with your survey feedback that I feel needs to be recognized. I always wonder what the customers have to say about you each and every day I come to work. Below is all of the survey feedback associated with tickets you are closing this month alone. There is only one anomaly that is not even your fault. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of having you on this team. You continue to grow, and you make yourself better each and every day. You’re taking on new challenges, and I’m hopeful that once we have more student workers on staff, we can have a chance to sit down and discuss the items you’ve been working on and can work towards deployment and implementation of those items. — Steve Ebeling
Tennille Fincham, Yang Yang and Linda Dixon have been extremely helpful in creating improvements to many of our current processes within our department. As of now, we have two processes that were either non-existent or very inefficient working in the SharePoint format that have increased our efficiency greatly. This talented group has been very driven, very intuitive in understanding processes that would be unfamiliar to them and very instructive, all while being fun to be around. You should be very proud of the work that your team is doing, and you need to know that your work is making a difference in the efficiency of our great university. For your reference, Tennille has been so instrumental in the creation of our Health Reporting SharePoint site that she has been added to a poster that will be presented at the 70th Annual American Association for Laboratory Animal Science meeting being held in Denver this October. Thank you all for your hard work and assistance, and we look forward to working with your group in the future. ​— Matthew R.
We had record turnout on Sunday and ultimately used both Budig 110 and 130. Ethan Brennan was a great help in getting us set on the fly. We wanted to extend our gratitude and give kudos to Ethan! — Natalie S.
I just wanted to pass along positive feedback I heard for Matt Deakyne.​ During a client office hours call and from speaking to multiple clients the week after BbWorld, I heard a common refrain that Matt’s REST for Humans presentation was specifically named and referenced by many for being one of their favorite presentations. They felt the content was really useful. I also didn’t hear it referenced as “REST for Humans”—clients would say, “Matt Deakyne’s REST for Humans” presentation. I appreciated hearing him called out and recognized by fellow clients for his on target topic and presentation. — Noelle Stephens, Blackboard.
It sometimes is a matter of knowing enough people to ask the question to. Jared Johanning and Rick Evanhoe did their absolute best to resolve my problem and figured out a workaround, but it was convoluted. Suzi Johannes was able to figure out how to give me my button back. — Teri C.
Jason Olenberger was very helpful in helping a new employee get connected to the MFD for printing access. — Jan E.​
I get very anxious about any sort of technical issue and the expert that helped me out today—Steve Ebeling—was patient and courteous. I think my problems were pretty basic, but the technician was respectful and helpful. Steve didn't make me feel silly asking for help, and I really appreciated that he was able to get my programs up and running. Thanks again. — Greta U.
Gabe Bullard and Josh Peterson assisted me with DUO set up, and it went quickly and smoothly. Gabe also helped me set up a new laptop while maintaining all the existing data and documents from the old laptop. Everything went off without any delays or hitches. I enjoy working with this office; they are very professional and adept at their craft! — Jeff L.
Jared Johanning, Greg Carlson, Bill Kummerow, Adam Braun, John Baranski, Leland Wilson, Andrew Applegarth, Matt Schott: Although the switchover to our new online collection happened successfully and quietly this morning at eight o’clock, I have to emphasize the enormous effort that it took to get to that moment. Almost from the moment we launched our collections online in 2009 with eMusuemPlus, we have been looking for a path to do something more. The opportunity arose with the Freeman grant when we were able to hire the brilliant Ryan Thorup to lead the way with programming our very own online collection. Our work with the mobile app also played a key role in leading us to this moment with our work with KU IT and creating an in-house API (application program interface). This is just the beginning! More functionality, including the ability to login and have access to higher-resolution images, continues to march forward. Thank you everyone for getting us to this point and continuing to help the Spencer be a leader in digital platforms! — Jennifer T.
I’m just following up to share how pleased I am with the work John Baranski did related to the event feeds from Symplicity to various webpages. Once John took over the project, everything went very smoothly. He did an excellent job of communicating, asking questions and showing me examples so we could work together to make the event feeds as effective and aesthetically pleasing as possible. We ran into a few snags along the way, but John was always very helpful, kind and willing to figure out solutions. He was also always very quick to respond, which was nice. I am extremely happy with the end result and am so glad we no longer have to enter our events in six different places! — Erin W.
Josh Hartley is a new IT tech employee on our TSC team and was really great in resolving this issue. Quick and great follow-up notes as well as very courteous in my interactions with him. — Amanda C.
Ali Yilmaz not only addressed my concerns and questions, he used those to identify additional things about my new computer system to show me or tell me about. Much appreciated! —Shannon O’Lear B.
Dan Burgardt was terrific! My problem was complicated and time-consuming and he stuck with me throughout all of the related problems and additional phone calls until the problem was solved. He was extremely patient and supportive. — Arlene B.
Daniel Gross was VERY good at explaining and completing a very difficult project for me. My research would come to a standstill without his assistance. — Steve S.
I wanted to give Jeremy Gharst a big shout out for his help in troubleshooting an issue we were having with a School of Engineering commerce form. Jeremy worked patiently to isolate the problem and figure out the best solution. I really appreciate his help and willingness to see this issue through to the end. Outstanding service! — Patrick H.
Cheryl Harber, Cara Nossaman, Amanda Aveyard-Elo and Buzz Kettles, the Change of School process being done via ImageNow is an extremely efficient system and has saved us valuable work time. The CoS form being online has also made the process for students seeking admission to engineering much easier, especially during the hectic orientation process. Thanks! — Kathryn S.
I want to give a big THANK YOU to Vickye Kozlowski for organizing last week’s Compassionate Communication workshop in the Price Computing Center Auditorium. It was impressive to see the room filled with staff at all levels. While we each took away something different, I think it is safe to say that many of us would not have taken the first step into learning about this topic if it weren’t for Vickye organizing this course. Plus, it saved those of us who attended an extra 1.5 hours of time! Thanks again. — Suzie J.
Robert Tonnies ROCKS! Not only did her respond VERY promptly, but he went to the trouble to provide detailed instructions along with screenshots to show me exactly how to access the information I needed to grade the student’s final exam fairly. Please tell Robert “Thank you and keep up the great work!” Your team does amazing work and as faculty we are very blessed to have such skilled and dedicated support to back us up out here on the front lines. THANK YOU! — Kealia F.
Zach Hoffman, Paul Brentano, Steve Schrick, a huge thank you for restoring a website from backup so quickly. At 4:56 p.m., a major unit’s website was down. After an immediate call to the NOC, I was contacted right away by Steve Schrick. Zach Hoffman then jumped in to help direct traffic, and with the help of Paul Brentano, they were able to fully restore the site from a 3:00 a.m. backup within an hour of my call to the NOC. That is great, right? Not for these gentlemen. They were able to dig deeper and find a 4:00 p.m. backup of the database. They then restored that, further reducing any loss of work on the site. The horrible start to my evening quickly changed to relief and immense gratitude. Thank you to Zach, Paul, and Steve and everyone else who assisted behind the scenes. — Bill K.
Just a short note to tell you how much I’m enjoying working with Susan Patton on several websites. She has been an extraordinarily valuable resource on the new Operations website, creating a beautiful design that is light years ahead of my pathetic initial attempt. We are now working on a redesign/refresh of the KU IT site, and I’m trying to glean as much knowledge and expertise as I can to apply on other sites down the road. She’s been extremely gracious with her time and talent, which I greatly appreciate! — David D.
Kat Ortega provides excellent customer service. She is always helpful and willing to answer any question I might have and always has a smile and is great to work with. Excellent service.— Melissa C.
As usual Don Allmon was wonderful. He stepped into a crisis situation AND brought me a spare cable. He is such a pleasure to work with. — Sara G.
Brad Rankin did an excellent job in responding to a series of my concerns! — David S.
Working with Pam Wagner and her team is so amazing. In only a few minutes, I had a response to my email and, not long after, Pam was at my door to do what was needed. Thank you! — Valerie P.
Austin Corbitt in tech support is always ideal. I appreciate his knowledge and PATIENCE! Not everyone speaks or “gets it” as fast as many. Thank you! — Carol C.
Great work, Derek Ridlon. Derek made the process easy and answered all my inquiries! — Eric K.
Gabriel Bullard was fast and courteous—great guy to help you out. — Joel H.
John Adee, Chad Hinkle and Yoni Kaszynksi received a freight order from Design Business Interiors recently. Because they were willing to unpack and assemble the furniture, they saved the department about $600, and they had it ready and in the room in less than an hour. Thanks, and I appreciate you! — Tanya R.
Wanted to reach out and tell you how valuable it was to have Suzie Johannes teach freshman students Adobe CC software in my courses BDS 101: Design Thinking and Making and ARCH 108: Architectural Foundation. This past fall she taught them both InDesign and Photoshop over two sessions. Her tutorials are very thorough, and she always provides the most up-to-date handouts and tutorials for our students. I and the other Design/Architecture foundations instructors simply don't have the time to make such a thorough overview of the material in addition to the design projects and lectures we are preparing. I always learn something new that KU IT offers to students as well. — Abbey O.
Hallie Edwards has saved me so many times. She’s always responsive and friendly, and she’s willing to dive in on a problem. Most recently, she was able to restore some of my crucial data on a failing external hard drive. I am so grateful for her and our student support staff. — Haines E.
Hitoshi, Jeff Long and Brad McClung deserve a shout out! I really appreciate it when you include user impact in your descriptions on Changes. It helps Haines and me see at a quick glance if there’s any special communications needed. Thank you! — David D.
A faculty member needed a multi-region DVD placed in a classroom, and EGARC reached out to Classroom Technology Support on their behalf. Kevin Horner helped us resolve this ticket. We reached out after 3 p.m., and he installed the DVD player that very afternoon before close. His attention and communication were top class. We couldn’t ask for better support. — Mike R.
Seth Pelzer is great! I feel like I can ask him for help with any tech problem and he works really hard to find a solution. He usually already knows the answer though! — Mercedes B.
I am so grateful to Todd Kitchen for his immediate assistance with my computer hack problem. I got back my laptop “cleaned” in less than a day and received further advice on how to proceed after a hacking problem. I can’t stress enough how helpful, prompt and effective Todd is every time I have a tech problem with my laptop. I think the School of Music is very fortunate to have him as its tech person. — Ketty W.
Robert Tonnies and the folks I dealt with regarding a recent problem went above and beyond to help. Great follow up, service and support. — Rick G.
Just wanted to leave a note of thanks to Randy Miller—he saved my day. On Friday, I thought I had a room booked in Budig for a large meeting. Randy actually had the room booked, and he was very generous in moving his meeting to allow for mine to be scheduled … without me even asking. He didn’t have to be so kind, but he was. And, I’m thankful for it. — Suzie J.
I would like to thank Andrew Marker for his kind, patient and skilled approach to authentication generally, but specifically for making the med center logins for ImageNow work properly when we couldn’t. I’m indebted. — David B.
Robert Tonnies and Anne Madden Johnson: thank you both SO much for all the amazing research, support and presentation preparation that you’ve invested to help us in the last weeks. Today could not have gone better, and that is because of the level of preparedness you shared and, so it seems to me, the immense respect which this group has for you both! — Paul B.
I really enjoy working with IT Account Management. Theresa Bateson was very helpful today getting our vendor set up. I don’t always know what to request, and IT Account Management ALWAYS helps me figure out what to do. — Scott P.
Theresa Bateson and Melinda Ball are excellent at what they do. We are very appreciative of their help with Union users and their myriad account management issues. — Tom J.
Grant Hays is awesome. We had a bit of an odd report come in, and I needed help checking to see if the links in one of the documents submitted were safe. Grant was super helpful in walking me through what to look for, checking that all of the links were safe and digging into the document to ensure all parts were okay to access. I really appreciate his work and quick response. — Lance W.
I am in Wichita, so it is inconvenient to drive to Lawrence to get unlocked. [Getting help] over FaceTime with Mark Taylor, a CSC student, was great! — Rickey K.
T. J. Droge was excellent as always. He responds in a timely manner, solves the problem immediately and keeps us updated. We appreciate the ongoing excellent service and care from the KU IT Network Technician Team. — Tom J.
Hallie, Camas and Shane did a phenomenal job testing our most common apps against the new macOS security features. The data they generated is above and beyond what I asked for and they saved me a ton of time with their efforts. — Calvin S.
I would like to give kudos and a big thank you to everyone who helped moved the Customer Service Center (CSC) from Price to Anschutz. It was not an easy effort to move the CSC. The teams that helped us out worked to ensure the move went as smooth as possible. Instead of listing all the names, these are the groups we really needed a lot of help from: Senior Leadership, Network Technicians, Network Architecture, AV Installation, PCC Workstation Support, ITWT, Fiscal Services and CSC staff and students. This was a joint effort, and I really appreciate everyone’s assistance. — Steve E.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how great/helpful Suzie Johannes has been. We are setting up an Authorized Testing Center in the School of Business so that our students can become Microsoft Certified Excel Experts. Suzie has been instrumental in this process, and we wouldn’t be where we are without her. Suzie also helped us run a certification pilot program many years ago, and she has always been so helpful. The support and documentation that she creates is top-notch, and I am so thankful for all of her assistance! Tennille Fincham has also helped with these projects, and she is always a pleasure to work with as well. – Mark B.


Scott Williams is a real asset to the KUIT staff here in the School of Pharmacy. We are blessed to have him here. — Chris C.
Brian Fife always goes the extra mile communication-wise, which is a really helpful attribute for anyone in IT. Also, he is always exceptionally courteous. — Claire R.
Hallie Edwards and Camas House (students in desktop support) are the bomb. They patiently help me when I’m struggling with some aspect of our software or with my machines. Hallie got me successfully set up with an old laptop so I’m able to do JAWS demos without bothering others at the labs or making people crowd into my cubicle. Don’t let them graduate and go away. — Kit C.
Whenever I ask Hallie Edwards to help me with things since I moved over here at Price, she has always done a superb job assisting me. She is very customer service oriented, and I just wanted to give her a kudos. — Mary G.
Wayne Jefferson is a great help to me whenever I need assistance with anything. He has been especially helpful with my Wi-Fi lock problems, and when I can’t get logged into something when I am out in the field, he is always willing to log-in himself and talk with me over the phone so I can get the information I need. He is the best! And I really appreciate him! — Mary G.
You guys (Network Operations Center staff) are a wonderful group of people in that building. You are the most under-appreciated group on campus, in my opinion. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!! Thank you for everything. — Angie D.
Yang Yang and Jason Dozier participated in a panel with the Lawrence Sharepoint User Group — Roy L.
Robert Tonnies is very personal AND professional. He made my challenge disappear and did not make me feel as though it was my fault. Great skill in that! — Jerry C. 
Kat Ortega went way above the call of duty. I wrote up a work order on 8/23 for help installing an encryption certificate on my computer. My computer was so old and outdated that it couldn’t be done. Over the last three months, Kat has stayed in touch with me and has set up a new computer for me that is out of this world (and has encryption successfully installed)… I am thankful that we have Kat on the IT team! — Becky S.
Thank you for IT’s co-sponsorship and for the outstanding service provided by the IT Media Production team (John Rinnert, Eric Havens, Neil Rasmussen) for the webcast of the 2018 Kansas Economic Policy Conference on Pragmatic Policy: Reforming Kansas Taxes. The conference was webcast to about 30 participants across Kansas, and videos from the conference will be available on the website, allowing Kansans across the state, along with others interested in understanding the history and next steps for tax policy in Kansas, to engage with this timely topic. — Donna G.
Kudos to the IdM team (Fufen Zhang, Arpita Mondal, Sourabh Batni, Andrew Marker), to the Peoplesoft team (Jonathan Glauner, Tony Morris, Dave Barnhill) and to Rick Hermesch, Jim Gergen and Matt Garrett for all their hard work getting MFA implemented in general and for making all the changes to the Enroll & Pay and HR Pay login pages. — Julie F.
Jim Bouck, Cara Nossaman, Mary Rochelle, Stephen Donly, and Zach Hoffman: I just finished up my Admissions Essays/Letters and wanted to let you know that the new system is WONDERFUL! Thank you for all the work you put in to getting the system up and running. Everything ran smoothly, and it just seemed so much easier to use than the old way. — Tiffany E.
I cannot praise KU IT strongly enough, especially Bb Support’s Jenine Meston. Everything I have been able to do to convert the administration of my courses to Bb over the years has been the result of calling the help line or getting desk-side training. I try to encourage faculty in my department to engage these wonderful professionals to increase our own capacity as faculty. THANK YOU!!! — Michelle H.
Quick response, excellent guidance and communication from Jill Hasty! Very painless and very east to follow instructions given. Follow up with issue couldn’t have been more timely. Greatly appreciate the help and support. Excellent service! — Justin J.
Haris Kahn responded to our request immediately and took care of the problem with the MFD printer and computer in a very timely manner. — Carla R.
My husband and I have been having difficulties trying to pay our daughter's tuition via the KU Delegate site. It did not work on several attempts over the last week, and the situation was frustrating. This morning, Austin Corbitt was able to walk me through several steps to eliminate cookies and clear the cache so that I could just access and then login to the KU Delegate site. We had to login via the Chrome Incognito window in order to be able to pay tuition. Jumping through all of these hoops is a wonderment to me. I would suggest that the IT department evaluate why this is happening and put processes in place that correct these deficiencies in the website access and navigation for the KU Delegate site. I'm hoping for a streamlined experience in January 2019! I truly appreciated Austin's assistance. He was professional, knowledgeable, and VERY patient with a frustrated parent (a.k.a. me). Now the tuition is paid; mission accomplished. — Leslie E.
I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of the work that all of your team, and especially Derek Ridlon, have done for me recently in resolving my complex Mac sign on, encryption and password issues. I understand that having one of the few Macs within our area poses some unique problems for you all. Over the past several days, Derek has worked hours to resolve very challenging problems, and he did so with the utmost customer service. He didn’t quit until he had it working perfectly, and for that I’m so very grateful. As you all know, I can be a pain to work with! Thank you, Derek and team, for all you do for our offices. — Karen B.
Jill Hasty provides unsurpassed support and guidance in every aspect of IT services. Her performance is top notch and she consistently anticipates users’ next request and moves to assist, educate or train them in ways that brings their knowledge and motivation to the next level. Her expertise and assistance is a multiplier for all who work with her. — Timothy T.
Legend tells of a man named Jeromy Cardiff. With his trusty glow rods and fish tape he rides into the barren wastes where no one else would dare venture. No one has faster cable pulls in the east or the west. Jeromy braved the depths of the Military Science Building to add a data outlet way ahead of schedule, then he rode off into the sunset. By doing so, he helped me complete Air Force ROTC’s Skype for Business Migration, and for that, I am grateful. — Edward D. 
Paul Gulotta & Kris Schaumberg — In reference to the kudoabove, I wouldn’t feel right if Paul Gulotta and Kris Schaumberg were not mentioned. Some time back before I started working here they put in days of hard work creating a new path that spanned multiple floors and multiple rooms. While my line pulls were no picnic, it was certainly made easier thanks to their hard work on a previous date. The old path was a nightmare in comparison. Thanks again for the kudo, but in a sense it truly was an IT collaboration. — Jeromy C.
As the saying goes “never volunteer for something unless you know all the details.” Hallie Edwards answered a call to help me sign people in to Skype phones at the Military Science Building. What actually happened was much, much different than that. Hallie helped install 27 phones in a building where there was no air conditioning, in 92+ degree heat and 2000 percent humidity she persevered to help me complete the Skype for Business Migration for ROTC. Without her help, I’m sure I would have melted in that building. Thank you for all the hard work! — Edward D.
Jennifer Weinberg is the embodiment of hard work. When I was looking at not being able to complete all of ROTC’s Skype for Business Migration in a timely fashion, she pulled out her magic wand and made it so that everything was ready to go within a four-hour window. The clouds parted, the rain stopped, then everything was bright as day during this dark time, and for that I am truly grateful. — Edward D.
The Carruth TSC Team has always been supportive and timely. Derek, and now Kat, helped over a three-day period in reconciling the issues of connecting to the internet, SAS and other smaller concerns relating to my Surface. It’s easy to be patient when you know if you need help immediately, they are only a phone call or Skype message away. Thanks as always. — Robert W.
John Stockham and Jim Rupprecht worked together to resolve my issue in an effective and timely manner. John worked through it with me until he realized the nature of the ticket, and passed it to Jim. Jim took the time to send me a detailed message with screen captures to walk me through it. And John followed up with me to make sure I had the answers I needed. Both were fantastic to work with. Excellent experience all around. — Desiree N.
John Adee rebuilt the Process Improvement & Project Management Office area on July 18-20. He disassembled cubes and rebuilt them into a teamwork environment for our team, all with a smile on his face. John took time from his regularly assigned duties to make this happen and did an excellent job. We ALL appreciate his efforts VERY MUCH!!! — PIPMO
In preparation for the new CIO’s arrival, a lot of staff were moving locations. John Adee helped move furniture, disassemble and reassemble office spaces and cubicles and hung countless whiteboards and screens. He even spray painted a coat rack for a conference room, and all this occurred during the Maximo implementation and Wireless First initiative, both of which impacted his warehouse duties greatly and was keeping him very busy. I just wanted to say thank you and I always appreciate your help. — Tanya R.
Matt Deakyne, Jenine Meston, Kelsie Nunnally and Brad Rankin (KU Blackboard Support Staff), I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful help/support site you maintain, and especially for keeping it open to the wide world. I've used it many times and I find the explanations just stellar: clear, concise, practical and well illustrated. — Eve B.
Susan Patton has put in an inordinate amount of time making Blackboard match the KU Design standards. The CSS is a mess, and often connects display elements that make no sense, causing contrast, overrun and spacing issues. When one thing is corrected, it often has unintended consequences, causing a CSS version of whack-a-mole. Susan has patiently corrected every one of these issues that has come up over the last week, and has been a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Susan. — Matt D.
You guys know this I’m sure, but I think it is worth putting on record. Tom Shorok is so awesome to work with, generous with his time and knowledge, tackles problems with good humor. He has been a huge help getting these homepage servers and infrastructure in place, and I really feel like he is pushing things in the right direction in our unit in regards to docker, ansible, continuous integration, etc. I know he’s also helping Greg with some GraphQL/React wizardry for the SMA collections project and was instrumental setting up the SMA d8 servers way back whenever that happened. Tom rules! — Adam B.
Jason Carrillo, Jesse Kaufman, Aaron Riffel, Chris Jeter, Andrew Applegarth and Andy Jackson: thank you for your assistance with the Union ImageNow migration. Response was above and beyond, all of you. — from Dave B.
I wanted to give a shout out to Bill Kummerow and two of his student assistants (An Nguyen and Sarah Kahm) for their efforts related to the KLETC website content migration. The initial effort was supposed to be a month. An Nguyen and Sarah Kahm completed the effort in about a week. We appreciate their effort and speedy work. — Gregory F.
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the above-and-beyond efforts we get from John Rinnert and Neil Rasmussen. They moved mountains to enable us to set up interviews with members of the men’s basketball team on the importance of learning other languages. We were given a very small window of opportunity, and they worked with Jonathan Perkins to bring it all together. You have a phenomenal team and we just wanted to make sure you knew that. — Charlie B.
Matt Garrett, thank you so much for coming by last week to Dyche and helping us get through Apple code-signing gauntlet. I greatly appreciate your extra effort and resolve to deal with the issue. — James B.
Giggi Decoursey, thank you for your support to the Wichita campus. Sometimes it can be difficult to get things working correctly. Everything was completed via email and no personal contact we needed. — Patricia C.
Louis Antoine is AMAZING. He moved my workstation not one. Not twice. THREE TIMES between Friday 4/6 and 4/12. He kept me regularly apprised of the network activation, status and as always, was professional, friendly and super efficient. Thank you so, so much. He is just outstanding and I’m so grateful. — Jill M.
Julie Fugett and Jim Rupprecht provided us with some excellent and timely service. I wanted to make you aware that they intervened and helped us recover sensitive student information sent in error by a coach to a student instead of the intended administrator.  We are very fortunate to have Jim and Julie and appreciate the level of service they provide. — Megan W.
Thanks to Amanda Aveyard-Elo for removing the gum from the bottoms of the conference room tables. Yes, seriously. Please, if you are a gum chewer and decide in the middle of a meeting that you are done chewing it, please throw it away or swallow it so that no one else puts their hand in it. Thank you. — The IT Admin Team
That account management … they are on their game. — Owen K.
Dave Barnhill is the man. — Owen K.
Tom Moroney, Owen Kelly, Austin Polley, Riley Weller and Al Tuyliyev: thank you for all the support in helping us prepare for Hack KU. The event was a great success and ran. We could not have done it without you. — Myra D.
Tanner Conrad is awesome! He is very good at what he does and he is a very polite and kind young man! We need more like him. I believe he understands CS beyond fixing a computer. He is conversational and I enjoy when he comes to the office. See, I think he understands the fact that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. He is a man of his word and I appreciate that! He does what he says he is going to do, and that is so important in the computer age because we depend on technology. Hmmm... Let me see, what else needs to be fixed? LOL JK, he is awesome and I appreciate him. — Leticia G.
We are so appreciative of the excellent support David Leigh, Lance Wessel, Greg Girard and Dave Barnhill’s various teams provide. Your support really does let us focus on the work we do that adds value for our users. I love to work efficiently, and this is a case where KU is providing services that let us do more useful work than we used to do on our own. Please share this with your management. ​— Kurt L.
John Funk is always ready and willing to support my technology needs, which are more often challenges than successes. If it can go wrong with my computer or the technology I use, it will. John is flexible, communicates well, and always works to make the solution complete and long-term. I’m grateful to have him as a colleague in the School of Education. — Karen J.
I don’t always take the time to fill these out, so please know that Kelsie Nunnally is always super helpful and a pleasure to work with each time I call. I always hope she answers.​ — Lori W.
Kelsie Nunnally makes IT have a great face! She has helped me transition to Blackboard courses and had helped make the process efficient, timely and smooth. She has helped me look down the road to make sure that this will work as we expand and cover more of campus. She is a great resource and very valuable member of the IT team!​ — Michael L.
I am continually overwhelmed by the depth expertise, and kindness of the IT folks I’ve encountered in my calls to IT. Today it was Austin Corbitt, other times Dirk Petersen, sometimes others. Though I was not able to get a positive answer as to where I could donate a bunch of pizzas to the IT office (I was graciously turned down), I’m so proud of the people who make our computers “go” and solve our world-ending difficulties… Still willing to buy pizzas…​ — Paul G.
Josh Hoskins is fantastic! I always know that tickets will be processed in a timely manner, that my request will be completed as soon as possible, and that if my request requires a creative solution, Josh will work outside the box to get it done. It is a pleasure working with him, and a comfort to know all IT needs will be supported.​ — Desiree N.
George Hosler, Greg Girard, Jonathan Glauner and Claire Bays have all been so helpful. Jonathan has offered great assistance in exploring ODI and OAC and in establishing best practices within these tools. Gregg has been helping me fix any performance issues we face with DWSTG and OAC databases. Claire and the KU IT Network Operations Center have helped set up several processes in Automatic and MFTCS as needed. Thanks for all your assistance and support in helping build our Data Warehouse and the BI platform. — Prasanna T.
Thanks to Marcus Leacox for his prompt attention and for trudging over in the snow to Blake. I knew it was an ID10T error, but couldn’t get the screens to cooperate. — Diane E.
Antonio Pourier has been doing really great work for us in Housing. He has been invaluable moving and relocating things in the midst of the Corbin remodel project. When I need something in another building on campus, he is always helpful. I felt it was important that you know how much we appreciate having him. He is great and we are fortunate to have him. — Doug C.
A special thanks to Daniel Hesselschwerdt!!! We’ve been so lucky to get to know him over the past year or so, and we all know what a great job he always does! — Susan W.
We are very fortunate to have the help of Daniel Hesselschwerdt. He is prompt, accurate and always follows up with us later (after the issue has been dealt with) to check if it was fully resolved or it is has repeated. He is an excellent example of a diligent, thorough and knowledgeable IT member. — Peter M.
Mat Wehner was great again. I appreciate him starting a conversation with a smile on his face. And I appreciate how he worked to resolve being able to email scanned documents to myself and for my printing defaults after we received our new MFD. — Ann E.
Nick Galindo is outstanding! This office sees him as part of our team, and he handles all of our myriad issues with haste, grace and humor. There are regularly comments from folks in our office about having the “best” person in IT or the “best tech guy I’ve ever worked with.” He is truly outstanding, and we are all thankful for his excellence, expertise and support. — Michael S. 
[We had] an ASPEN workshop scheduled ... and flew an instructor in from California today to teach the course. Adam Lett had setup Learned 3108, but after looking at the room ... I realized that it's not an easy room to teach in and we have 28 taking the workshop.  So, [last minute], I stopped by to see Adam to ask if it was possible to setup ASPEN in Eaton 1010.  He agreed and got it done [the same evening]. I just wanted you to know that Adam does an excellent job supporting us and I really appreciate his efforts to help us ... on a Friday evening. — Mark S.
Jenine Meston was fantastic. I really appreciate the full instructions and willingness to help right away. I got everything I needed, same day, and the class was excited to get the materials as promised. Thanks so much for your help! — Anna P.
Kelsie Nunnally is a gem. Thanks to her, I used Blackboard much more and much more effectively. In addition, she was able to contribute to decisions related to teaching because of her combination of knowledge and skills. Keep and reward her! — Cheryl L.
Kelsie Nunnally is the BATWOMAN of IT customer service. She is so helpful, so responsive. Real smart. — Thomas Z.
Brad Rankin, we love dealing with you. Most importantly, you convey strong and genuine interest in assisting. John L. 
Just a quick note to let you know how fortunate we are to have John Stockham. His attitude, work ethic and approach to providing support to our team is very much appreciated. — Heath P. 
A special “shout out” to John Stockham for his help in making this move happen in an effective manner. John is always responsive to our needs, but he made yesterday easier for us all. — Dwight P.   
Strong TSC Team (Gabriel Bullard, Tanner Conrad & Nick Galindo): It’s a good morning when I call the IT folks and they can answer my questions with ease. Thank you @KUTechnology personnel in Strong Hall. — Jane T.  
I wanted to let you know what a great job Teresa Pepper is doing. I am not sure what we would do without her. During January, she helped fix several production problems with Campus Solutions that would have been pretty big issues had she not fixed them so quickly and efficiently. Some of the production problems she took care of (that I know about, I am sure there are others):​
  • Photos not coming from the KU Card Center to E&P, Advising Tool, and other systems, like Watkins Health Center PnC​
  • Problem with data coming from E&P to IDM regarding when a student is a KUMC student and adding online IDs​
  • Several SAIP course feed issues to Blackboard for the start of the semester classes​
  • Assisting with TouchNet issues with showing the wrong payment amounts​
​Thanks to all the IT staff but I thought you should know how much Teresa goes above and beyond. — Sheri P. 


"Just sharing a word of appreciation to you and your team for the update and working hard on protecting KU computers from ransomware. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of work going on behind the scenes. The information below was so helpful and well communicated. Wishing you the best of luck and again, thank you for all you do!" — Monica M.
[Joe Friday and Robert Kinder:] "Since the ‘end of support’ was announced for 7.5, Maximo vendors are spamming everyone with requests to support their upgrade. It is very satisfying to tell them “No thanks, we’re on and patiently awaiting the next upgrade and/or fixpack… .” Just dropping a line to share my appreciation in how we set ourselves up for success here. Nice work." — Shawn H.
"Anil [Nati], we deeply appreciated your assistance in helping us with our recent critical issue (when our website was down). — Cathy S.
"Every once in awhile someone crosses our path in life and leaves a lasting impression. I would have to say, for me,  that someone is Steve Kinder. Steve has been working extensively to build an online database for our program. Initially, we were looking to purchase a fairly expensive program outside of KU,  but I could not find a user friendly program that would serve and satisfy all of our needs. To date Steve has completed Phase II of III and with each phase he has exceeded all of my expectations. I’m looking forward to Phase III and have no doubt Steve will work his magic successfully. Gone our the days of paper/fax submissions of applications. Applications that contain 4 to 5 documents per applicant in upwards of 300 or more over the years. Clearly, Steve has made my professional world more efficient and time saving. Thank you does not seem adequate enough, but I say it anyway to both Steve and you: Thank You so much!" — Elaine K.
"Amanda Aveyard-Elo did an outstanding job over the last few years in helping translate our daily practices into a requirements document and helping everyone manage time and expectations as the project proceeded. She also has a knack for knowing who to bring in to the project at each stage and making sure all of our individual needs are considered. 

Todd Kofford, Allan Jackson, and their development team did a great job of creating a system that really works for our needs. I especially appreciate that they would contact me with follow up questions and weren’t just coding without thinking it through – they were constantly thinking about the product they were creating from the mulitiple end users' perspectives. Other developers that worked on this project included Kevin Yu and Steve Donly. They each helped in the later phases of the project and their assistance was key. The end result is a clear interface that students, mentors, the certificate manager, and the registrar’s office can all use to manage a complex workflow process." — Dyan M.


"Two weeks ago, we turned off all of our servers in the state data center and moved them to KU. For us it was a big project, with many moving pieces all happening at the same time. I want to compliment the entire KU team for helping us to do this. Everyone has been extremely helpful. Doug Cherry in particular went above and beyond to help us out during the move, and it was MOST appreciated. We’re excited to be in the new space and to start looking for other opportunities for collaboration!" — Steve. F.
[To Tennille Fincham] "I am delighted by the wonderful support that you offered and are willing to make available in the future. Thank you!!!" — Dietrich E.
"All the technicians who worked with me, Andrew [Linenberger], Max [Irby] and Bill [Orser] were excellent, very patient and tolerant of my non-existent computational knowledge. I am very grateful to all of them and congratulate IT for having such respectful and knowledgeable people working there." — Anita H.
"The IT staff [Mike McClammer, Norman Eddy, & TJ Droge] has been stellar on this job, where my self-inflicted emergency need for an elevator phone line became a potential delay. Jim and his crew got on it, stayed in touch, ran the line, passed inspection, beat the deadline, solved the problem, and communicated a needed line-identification revision to Public Safety." — Jim B.
"Yesterday, I took my first instructor-led technology workshop from KU after 20 years of instructing at the campus. Had I known that the classes were this well organized and superbly presented, I would have taken more. Tennille came to the Edwards campus to present the workshop and when I arrived early, she was already there and prepared. Her delivery style was excellent, but her knowledge of Pivot tables was even more impressive. She even followed up on our questions the next day." — Linda M.
[To Tennille Fincham] "Everything worked perfectly, the reports are beautiful and exactly what I need. Your instructions are flawless. Thank you so much, you’re awesome!" — Lisa B.
"I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that Austin Polley is phenomenal and I think he is doing a great job. He always goes above and beyond to help me out, takes the time to understand my (IT) needs, and implements things smoothly and seamlessly. He also thinks critically about things and comes up with practical solutions. He is definitely someone who adds a lot of value to the IT staff. I would definitely consider entrusting him with greater responsibility. Please pass this on to him or feel free to forward this message. Thanks!" — Tom D.

"Earlier this month, the KU Libraries held a symposium on business models for open access that included about 25 invited experts from around the world. The centerpiece of the event was a two-hour symposium that was webcast live. Thousands of people across the global watched this event, and it made a real impact on international debates. ... I was very nervous about how the live broadcast would work (I was the moderator). I did not need to worry, however, since a superb team organized and executed the broadcast. Standouts among this effort were the three gentlemen from your media production staff who assisted us – John Rinnert, Neil Rasmussen and Eric Havens. I want to take a moment to let you know how valuable the flexibility, professionalism and expertise of these three was to our efforts. ... During the broadcast they were calm and efficient, helping us avoid potential pitfalls and making the experience seamless for our audience. We received several tweets and comments speaking to the very professional quality of the livestream." — Kevin S.

"Thank you [Erica Boos, Rick Hermesch, Andrew Marker and Matt Walker] for your heroic efforts in getting [our] program out to the student body right on schedule. You have again demonstrated to me KU has remarkable people working all over campus. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed." — Jane T.
"I want to let you know how grateful I am for Mason Powell’s help in five of our classes (which I coordinate) on Wednesday, August 24. At 11:32 PM the night before, I emailed Mason when I realized that I needed extra help instructing the 5 classes on how to enroll in and use VoiceThread and Blackboard. It’s not that I hadn’t prepared; I’d been studying VoiceThread components all summer and I know lots about using it now. But, in the past week in our computer labs, VoiceThread (and VoiceThread with Blackboard) has been misbehaving for reasons beyond my ken. On Tuesday, through a series of communications with KU IT, I realized that I was in trouble; hence, the “Urgent if possible” email to Mason.

By 6:30 AM on Wednesday, Mason had responded. Shortly thereafter, I’d accepted his offer to come to the class. From that class, he agreed to help with the others. In the middle of those classes, he made a detour to the KU IT folks in Budig and let them know what the problems were; he did so, I’m sure, in a way that I could never do. Today (Thursday), he sent more instruction that followed up on one particularly vexing glitch in many students’ sign in to VoiceThread. His was extraordinary customer service—not just for me and the other two teachers, but also for the students. We all benefited from his positive, patient instruction and personal interaction.  
In fact, over the past 3 or so years, I’ve had the good fortune to occasionally work with other of your staff (Kerrin [Burke], Chuck [Lapointe] and Edward [DeLaTorre]). Every time, I have experienced the same positive, patient, knowledgeable and thoughtful assistance." — Carla B.

"Steve [McCarty] is a good model of what one expects from service from KUIT. He is a good project manager who kept in touch regarding a myriad of things I needed to know. He was great to deal with on a personal level and very detailed regarding the needs of the project. If I didn’t understand something, he would go in depth to explain or meet me out there to visually go over it. The ability to work with Steve was a pleasure and as I said, a great model of what we expect from KUIT support and reinforces the perception of KUIT supporting the needs of the University." — Greg T.
"Madhavi Rainikindi & Joe Morgan – A note of thanks to the two of you for the recent updates to the KU Visual Identity site. I am not sure what role either of you played in updating the format and content, however based on the role exercise from this week, I imagine you both contributed. I use that site almost weekly for various projects and greatly appreciate the new layout and updated information. I am not sure how often a 'thank you' reaches you for this type of work so I wanted to ensure I passed one along." — Jami J.
"Just wanted to say that Tom deserves some kudos for helping launch the set of video tutorials mentioned below. He did a great job of stepping in on a somewhat rushed timeline to do some CMS setup work for managing the videos, and especially for working out a nice lazy-loading scheme for the YouTube components so that a single page with lots of videos didn’t take forever to load." — Scott H.
"I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the herculean effort made by John Rinnert to be sure I had a captioned documentary to show in my class on Thursday. I only learned of the need Monday and many steps were required before the dvd with proper transcription could make its way to John's able hands. He had only a few hours to get the job done so I had already planned for what I'd do if he was unable to accomplish the impossible. Amazingly, the beautifully captioned dvd arrived at my classroom on time, thanks to John. KU and I are so fortunate to have him on the team." — Jane
"Steve [McCarty] is a good model of what one expects from service from KU IT. He is a good project manager who kept in touch regarding a myriad of things I needed to know. He was great to  deal with on a personal level and very detailed regarding the needs of the project. If I didn’t understand something, he would go in depth to explain or meet me out there to visually go over it. The ability to work with Steve was a pleasure and as I said, a great model of what we expect from KU IT support and reinforces the perception of KU IT supporting the needs of the University." — Greg T.
"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated John’s [Rinnert] free video services. It was great that he was able to help us incorporate much needed videos. We also appreciate the time and attention he gave to our project. We do hope that we might be able to use this resource more in the future if it is still available." — Angie L.
"I want to let you know how helpful John [Rinnert] is in addition to the video services he provides." — Allen H.
"Theresa Bateson continues to be an exceptional contact at KU IT - she's probably the photo in Wiki under 'Positive Customer Service.'" — Kip G.
"Melinda [Ball] is really get to work with regarding Outlook and resource rooms." — Erin H.
"A quick note to let you know that I am crazy about OneDrive on MyCommunity. Crazy about it.Thanks for helping me figure-it-out." — Howard G.
"Mary [Rochelle], I wanted to sincerely thank you for your guidance and hard work throughout this entire process. We are truly pleased with the result. This a project that has been discussed in my office for 6 years and to finally see it working is a great feeling. You were so helpful and we feel so fortunate to have had you working with us throughout. Thank you!" —​ Keeli N.
[To Chris Escalante and Jim Bouck] "I know I’ve said this to you two already, but wanted to reiterate while our bosses are listening. Thank you both for all the work you put into this project. It is amazing to look back at all that has been accomplished. I will miss your humor and kindness. I know our paths were still cross, but I still wish you both the best." — Sarah K.
[To Theresa Bateson and Alex Wong] "Thanks again for your assistance yesterday. Not only was it a unique situation in terms of what needed to be accomplished, but you had little time to get everything in place. I very much appreciate your assistance and flexibility." — Allen
"I want you to know that [we] appreciated Cody’s dedication and expertise which resulted in getting the Undergraduate Graduation Planner back on-line.  It was a job well done." — Victor F.
"This is a formal acknowledgement to you of the great work by Andrew [Marker] and Bruce [Phillips] to help make the survey go off without a hitch. Both of them jumped in a got the whole process working in short order. All of their communications were timely and effective.  It was great working with them." — Paul K.
"Hi Cheryl [Harber], I want to send you a sincere thank you for all of your efforts. After three years in this position, I was finally able to take a vacation over the holidays and come back with a clear view of what I still needed to manage. And, I didn’t have to worry while I was out, because Alicia was able to cover for me! This was only possible because of your hard work on these workflows. I enjoy working with you and appreciate all that you do!" — Mishelle D.


"Andrew [Radiel] responded to the request to setup new monitors. He set up everything perfectly (and quickly), and they are working great. When done he took the previously used monitors to 132 Strong. As on every prior occasion the response time and service was terrific. Many thanks to the TSC team in Strong!" — Randall B.
[To Justin Johnson] "Thanks for getting my problem fixed in such a timely manner, from my first email, to completion! Great!" — Rebecca W.
"David Denning is the :)" — Donna H.
[To Steve Mannering] "Great staff! Always are so helpful and never make you feel stupid. They also hold the line while you try to fix your problem to make sure it is taken care of properly. Great service, thank you!" — Kim B.
"It is always a pleasure to work with Matt [Wehner]. He always goes the extra mile to fix our problems." — Rose G.
"Justin [Johnson] is very helpful and extremely fast at addressing our IT needs."  — Peter M.
"Overall, excellent job on coordinating having a shared drive folder mapped for a team member housed in another building  external to Strong. (This was done within the hour the request was submitted.) As always, thanks for all your help and terrific service!" — Randall B.
"I wanted to send this email to let you know how much of a big help Edith [Bond] was in getting things set up for a meeting with a publications rep I had this morning. Although the rep did not have all of the necessary equipment for her presentation, Edith was able to step in and assist in providing the necessary equipment to get things started! Once again…Edith saved the day!" — Tamara B.
"To Vickye Kozlowski: Please accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your past and continued dedication to the University’s Shared Leave Committee." — Mike R.
"The biggest thanks go to Matt Schott. He is an incredible thinker and has such a positive spirit and can-do attitude about everything. He was a very large part of the success of the project." — Jennifer T.
"Let me also take this opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement and excellent work on this project. To Cara [Nossaman] and everyone at IT, it has been a pleasure collaborating with you all on this exciting project, and I look forward to continuing our work on it in the future. I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say that we are extremely pleased with the outcome." — Ryan W.
"I could not be more excited! I had a huge smile on my face while I downloaded the app last night. Echoing all of Ryan’s comments, it has been an extreme pleasure to work with all the amazing IT staff on this project. I don’t think I could have properly envisioned the terrific results when we met for the first time back in March of 2014. Thank you one in all!" — Jennifer T.
"Thanks again [to Matt Garrett] for presenting the PRO-CMS webpage information today and for preparing the mock-up with the enhancements that were discussed. I think this added a lot to the meeting, and I really appreciate all you have done and continue to do with development on this front."  — Amanda K.
"Benjamin Mattson is an excellent employee. I am saddened to hear that he is leaving KU. I hope he is able to return back here to IT if he decides to return again someday." — Glen W.
"[Randy Miller] was very helpful, friendly, and patient !! I so appreciate that ! He also explained things in a way that I could understand. Thank you so much :)" — Angela L.
"Brad Rankin was very helpful and let me work through the program, MySuccess, as he guided me. He listened to my suggestion about needing a resource for undergraduates who have time management struggles that affect their academic success." — Martica B.
"Our IT staff at ADMIN - FIN is the best. They are timely in their replies and service. Really appreciate their service." — Vickie A.
"Greg Hird was very patient, knowledgeable, persistent, and courteous. Thank you for such good service. It is much appreciated." — Lisa W.
"It was a very frustrating experience from the PC end of things, but David [Denning] and Grant [Hays] did a great job in solving all the issues that came up as we transitioned from the failing PC to the loaner to another loaner to the new PC." — David T.
"Nick Galindo in the Strong Hall IT Office is awesome!!! He was very professional and timely." — Angie C.
"David Denning is the best!" — Donna H.
"Benjamin Mattson is very patient and helpful. Several times, he walked me through many procedures, made suggestions to technology resources unknown to me, and followed up with email to ensure that I did not have other problems. He is an asset to KU IT." — Gregory C.
"Youngberg Hall IT ROCKS!!" — Kimberly W.
"Thank you SO much for staying to finish the re-encryptions. I cannot begin to express my gratitude: thank you for your time, expertise, patience, and kindness. One of the best things about being at KU is the awesome tech support from you. I feel so safe under your care!" — Kathleen L.
"Andrew Linenberger was super. Not only did he know his stuff and solved my problem, he was knowledgeable about the reasons for the problem." — Stan R.
"Just a note to say that yesterday when I logged into Blackboard I had the option of checking a box for the system to remember whether I was a KU or non-KU user and today it just went directly to the login screen without me having to do that extra step. It’s such a tiny thing, but the tiny things add up in terms of daily convenience." — Noel R.
"Adam [Lett]: Your personal commitment and hard work has helped our students learn several state-of-the-art software and use them for their course work. Thank you for doing such a great job!" — Reza B.
"Over the last two weeks, ISS was able to process a record number of new international students for immigration check-in successfully at the Budig Computer Lab. This success is definitely Kudos to the Budig IT support team’s unconditional service to our office and students. We wanted to especially thank Tommy [Nguyen] and Rose [Winters] who have been extremely accommodating and supportive of all of our very demanding needs in each of the sections in their lab. We most absolutely could not get these students through as efficiently as we were able to without their trust, willingness and support throughout each step of the way. Tommy has also sacrificed quite a bit of physical space in his very own office in order for us to store equipment for several weeks and we are indebted to him in that regard as well." — Yuki W.
"Stacey [Rinnert] is doing a great job managing our project." — Nick S.
"I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the great work Amanda Aveyard-Elo has done with this project. The amount of change we are pushing on the certificate managers is going well in large part because she has kept this project on its development trajectory. Thanks also for keeping the technical development going as well." — John A.
"ISS had a VERY successful International Grad Student checkin/orientation today at the Union by the support of our exceptional Strong Team. I wanted to especially thank Diana [Bretz] and Kris [Dover] who were there the whole day with us in the ballroom yesterday for setup and on standby all day today, serving our very detailed/complex needs and problem solving through every obstacle with a smile on their faces. Today’s success is definitely Kudos to their unconditional service to our office and students. We wanted to also acknowledge Andy [Jackson] who I know has also indirectly supported us in making today a success, along with the student workers (Dustin [Horvath] and Otto [Barteldes]) who assisted us on site. We were sad to see Nicholas [Roberts] and Shan [Bhaskar] go (who were also exceptional as you know), but with Diana, Kris, and Andy back in our support there was no gap to be felt what so ever.

We are extremely lucky to have them supporting our ever growing needs and would like to thank them for always going above and beyond." — Yuki W.

"Stefan [Sawyer] has been terrific and we are nearly done setting up the lab. Much thanks to all!" — David G.
"Yang [Yang] put the account through yesterday afternoon and Suzie [Johannes] is going to get with us to train. It’s all very exciting!  Thank you so much for your help and for the speed of the process with KU IT." — Juli P.
"Katie [Bratman] was fantastic with the problems I was having and was very patient in helping and persisting until she solved the problems. I was unable to use both Outlook and mail programs to obtain my emails, but she solved the entire problem and never lost her push to fix everything. Thanks Katie." — Judith L.
"Theresa Bateson is a pleasure to work with. We do a lot of resetting of passwords, and she is always incredibly cheerful and efficient. I think it took a little over a minute from when I pulled her up on Lync until my problem was solved. Not sure what more one could ask." — Jonathan P.
“I wanted to acknowledge and thank Dave Barnhill, Jason Dozier and Greg Smith for their efforts. The elegant solution, and the positive experience working with all of them, was a fine finish to what started out as a very frustrating day. Please pass along my thanks to others who were involved one way or another.” — Jerry W.

"Jeremy [Gharst] did an awesome job with that request I sent you all for the software site. He even endured a bit of scope creep. The update ended up being trickier than previous ones and he stuck with it until it was done correctly. And he was polite and gracious throughout. Such a nice young man!" — Kit C.
"Benjamin [Mattson] is top notch!  He was excellent in working behind the scenes with my guest faculty members for the Blackboard Collaborate. He was well informed, self-directed, polite and was appreciated by the students, the guest faculty and myself. If he were to receive an Olympic medal, I would have to give platinum. But since that does not exist yet, I would have to go with Gold." — Glen W.
"I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how helpful Todd Kitchen was for me as we opened the new Swarthout Recital Hall with a big concert series. As the renovation was coming to an end, I was able to hand over contacts and information to Todd so that he could handle all of our IT needs in our new recording/control room. This included setting us up for live streaming when we had never done it before. This all happened very quickly as construction ended about a week before our first concert and Todd had everything in working order in time. I really needed his help and he totally came through for me. I just wanted you to know what a great job he did for us at a very pivotal moment." — Kylie S.
"I was incredibly impressed by how quickly IT arrived, resolved the problem, and that [Marcus Leacox] even came back after my class to follow up with the problem/service. Thank you very much for the excellent service. It does not go without recognition, and is truly appreciated. This was my first time ever calling on IT to fix a problem, and I feel comfortable knowing that I can rely on them if there are any issues in  the future."  — Kate B.
"Over the last weekend, my laptop had the notorious blue screen of death in a recurring manner. I'm currently in Boston, and I knew I'd have a huge chunk of time over my 5 day span here to work on a $3.2 million proposal that is due on Thursday. Without my laptop, I wouldn't have been able to meet the grant submission deadline. I came to Dino [Ingram] in something of a panic, and he was able to quickly diagnose the situation as requiring a wipe and re-load of everything. He worked with me to ensure that I saved everything I needed and he took care of it all before I left for my flight on Thursday. Thanks to Dino, I've made tremendous progress so far this weekend, and am in fact typing this right now on the laptop he fixed."  — Michael D.
"I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that your team pulled out all of the stops to make the Summer Pay Collection System a reality.  Conception to go-live was 3 months (perhaps a record at KU!) and we ended up with a very good solution for Phase 1. With this solution in place, I am hopeful that paying faculty this summer will go much smoother than it has in years past. Mason Powell, Becca Grube, Mary Rochelle, and Jason Dozier have been critical to our success. Please pass on our thanks." — Nick S.
"I want to let you know how much I enjoy working with David [Denning].  He is always pleasant, very knowledgeable, and strives to meet my needs. In a customer service world of critical feedback, I just wanted to pass along some kudos." — Nick S.
“I have been at KU since August of 2010. Every time I contact the Blackboard IT staff, my experience just gets better and better. My latest experience was no different. Benjamin Mattson was kind, knowledgeable, and not only fixed my current problem, he also made suggestions that will make this semester of teaching more efficient. Benjamin went way above and beyond to make my teaching experience a little less time consuming and much less stressful. Thank you to all Bb IT staff, and especially to Benjamin Mattson. He made my day!” — Mea B.
"Dear Taylor [Thorup] and Leland [Wilson]: Thank you both for devoting so much time to the set up of this wonderful new computer! I cannot begin to thank you enough to the very thorough transfer. Your attention to detail, patience, and professionalism are truly appreciated. Thank you!" — Kathleen L.

"Dino Ingram did a great job of persisting in completing a job that had been left hanging from last semester. This concerned an urgently needed software upgrade for students in a time-limited project. Dino had the unfortunate luck of having to get up to speed on a job that had been closed without completion. He worked with my GTA and his colleagues and superiors to make it happen.The IT responsiveness has improved! My thanks to both Dino and Jake Coffman for solving an acute problem." — Marylee S.

"In the last several days, I have corresponded repeatedly with one Mr. Jeff Anderson. I opened a ticket on Tuesday since CMS Open Work Time was canceled, and my website has some very serious problems. In two days, Jeff has walked me down from a ledge of frustration. He not only solved issues that I was unable to solve (Branding Blocks – Search Form), but he also helped me to trouble shoot items that I just needed help with (image map). Today, however, Jeff exhibited a level of dedication and creative think that goes far above what most workers display.  We have complicated needs, and our website is not as cut and dry as other departmental sites. When he couldn’t immediately solve my issues, not only did he consult a superior, which was resourceful on its own, but he in turn met with me via Lync. During our Lync meeting, Jeff was creative, knowledgeable and polite. He helped to uncover the layers of problems with my event view and then execute a solution that allowed me to custom archive my events.  

I know that sometimes, in customer service, we hear mostly complaints, so I wanted to be sure that today you got a “Great Job!” for Jeff, you and your team."  — Roxie L.

"Thanks also for your hard work. As the IT point person, you really kept us all moving in a good and productive direction." — Amy S.
"Cara [Nossaman] and Amanda [Sterling] have provided superior service and attention to detail to our project.  I know that it takes an extraordinary amount of their time, but I hope that the end product and service that this will provide to the University will worth all of that. " — Abby C.
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that Tiffany [LaClair] is doing an outstanding job! I know she has had a lot thrown at her and a lot to learn since she started and from my experiences with her, she is doing fantastic. She is always incredibly friendly to talk to, easy to work with, never afraid to ask questions, and learns very quickly. I’ve worked in customer service since I was 15 years old and I know that most of the time people are always willing to complain and rarely take the time to give people compliments and I just wanted to give my feedback that Tiffany is wonderful to work with." — Krissie D. 
"Adam Braun really came through for me and the department in quickly adding new information to our website. You can see from the email string below that I got him all the links, attachments, and information at 12:30 yesterday with fingers crossed that I could have it up by the next day and he got it done before the end of that same day. This was a HUGE help. Adam is always helpful and quick to respond, but this was really above and beyond and I’m very grateful! Thank you!" — Katie M.


"Chad [Hinkle], I just wanted to thank you for the absolute brilliant job you did in taking all the electronic equipment and miscellaneous cords, keyboards, hard drives etc. that were in our JRP basement. I went down there today just to check, and was thrilled on how clean everything was, especially considering that persons who brought things down there for recycle left it in such a disarray. Thanks you again for the great and efficient service you provided, not only now, but in the past years that I have contacted you for electronic recycling. You make part of my jog so much easier!" — Carl M.
"Greg [Girard] and Dave [Barnhill], You’ve been hosting our database for roughly six months now. It is really working out well for us. Support has been timely and excellent. And I sleep better at night.  As expected, I’m also able to focus more of my energies on department issues rather than Oracle configuration and support. This is a nice efficiency for our department and KU."  —  Kurt L.
"Everyone in this office agrees that Shan Bhaskar and Nicholas Roberts are providing outstanding service.  They are very responsive to our needs and patient with our questions.  They are very knowledgeable; I can’t think of a puzzle they haven’t been able to solve—usually very quickly.  We only hope that they have no interest in management, so that we may keep them for a while.  10 out of 10." — Dan J.
"Tennille [Fincham], I really enjoyed your training session yesterday. It was great to be back in the KU IT learning environment and to see familiar names like Suzie's [Johannes]. You all do a wonderful job of helping folks like me. Thanks for sending the email below, and I look forward to seeing you again in future courses. Many thanks." — Bob B.
"The purpose of this email is to let you know about the very positive experience we recently had with KU IT. We recently moved our servers to the Computer Center and Paul Espinoza was very helpful in the process of locating and virtualizing our servers, not an easy task. ... Although our concerns were very small within the scope of both Paul and Michael Bean's responsibilities, we were dealt with in a very courteous and professional manner." — Marilyn A.
"Special kudos go to our IT partners of Jim [Gergen], Mary [Rochelle] and Kathy [Robbins]. They labored through many meetings with us to hone in on the requirements and specifications." — Barbara G.
"[Programming work by Scott Spuzello] is perfect, and it makes me very happy. Thank you!" — Nancy M.
"Our two support people in Strong (Nicholas and Shan) are excellent. They do a very good job of keeping us operational." — Charlie P.

"I am writing to you regarding the Outlook class I took today. It was a very well organized and easy to follow class. The instructor (Tennille) and the lab both created a great learning environment." — Rusty G.

"Love our @KUTechnology support. Helpful & friendly even when I'm at a loss. #customerservice" — Jane T.
"Cheryl [Harber], I have to tell you that you and your team have been so accommodating and helpful over the last 7 months of 3G experimentation and tweaking! I can’t imagine working with a better team." — Jody M.
"We want to give an extra "thank you" for the excellent support we received over the last 24 hours with regards to our printing/scanning issues. Sekouba [Sissoko], Andy Jackson and Matt Torres were extremely helpful and accommodating to all our needs. Also they found temporary solutions to our printing issues. And the solution has found and fixed. Back to normal but only because of of the great service we received. Great job to all involved. We THANK YOU!" — Linda C.
"Corey [Cortez] - Thank you so so so so so so so much for coming to our aid on Tuesday.  I truly appreciate it!  Please know that all the staff appreciated it and so did the students.  You sparked alot of interest in the students - you were very articulate, explained things to them that they could understand, you were able to relate to them, and made a difference. If you aren't already volunteering or working with youth, in some way - I would highly recommend that you do. You really do know how to talk to young people and know how to connect with them.  A skill that not everyone has.  Again, thank you so much for dropping everything to come over to Haworth for a career talk  (technology) with our students. You rock!" — Rebecca D.
"I am not tech savvy, yet your team always makes me feel like I can learn. You never teach down; no one has ever laughed at me (maybe with me!) and I always come away wanting to reach up to the technology that you are introducing. That has been true since my first encounter with you in Anschutz Library. That's a gift, to bring enthusiasm and possibility to people to people like me. Thank you. (In fact, I think that I need to borrow the bounce that you use in our presentations in my grammar classes!)" — Carla B.

"I really appreciate your walking me through the steps to fix the problem of my hard drive running out of disk space. I used to think that 100 gigs was all the storage I'd ever need. It's amazing at how quickly it fills up. Thanks for showing me how to free up about 17 gigs worth. Yesterday I got to experience how nice it is to be able email and receive a phone call walking me through the solution. It was pretty amazing to see how you could log on to my computer and let me "follow the red dot" as you showed me what to do. But above all, I appreciated the patience and wisdom with which you showed me how to do it."  — Bob B.

"I just wanted to share with you both what a great team of support staff you have in Sekouba, Matt and Mat. They are just so helpful and engaging and have really been a great fit for the folks here.  And that has been such a great thing for the staff here with all the changes going on. Wanted you to know how great these three have been and everyone is really, really appreciative of their customer service." — Ann E.

"Thanks very much for jumping in on short notice and staying with it so long until the problem was resolved. We very much appreciate your responsiveness and competence. I will let others know that the update is complete and there is no need to shut down this morning as previously planned."  — Dan J.

"Thank you for your help in developing and providing valuable computer skills training for [our] employees. We are truly delighted at the work that Suzie and Tennille have done. They built a program based on the needs of our staff that did not exist before. This was not an easy or traditional request, but they were patient and understanding of our needs and were able to work closely with us to deliver valuable computer skills training that exceeded our expectations. The development of these fundamental classes will be the building blocks for our staff to bridge the gap into the future, improving our ability to work with more advanced technologies and applications. These fundamentals will ensure our people will be able to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively, and we could not have done it without these great ladies!  They have demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and patience in developing the training materials, and working with employees of varying levels of computer skill. Above all their enthusiasm has been contagious. Suzie and Tennille have shown an eagerness that is to be admired, and helped achieve positive results. Thank you again for providing this very valuable service to us with your outstanding staff. They did an excellent job with a true 'Crimson and Blue' spirit!" — Jay P.

"I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful help Jill Miller offered me this afternoon. Not only did she go out of her way to figure out my problem, but called me back in a very timely fashion and solved a long term problem our [department] IT person has not been able to help me with. She was very professional and simply wonderful to work with." — Anne D.
"Last week on Monday, the hard drive crashed hard and the [classroom] computer wouldn't even boot up. I let Todd Kitchen know about it late in the day. I was figuring that we'd be offline for a week or more, which would have been terrible. But Todd had it up and running by Thursday's class. We didn't even miss one minute of class time. That means that he must have come in and done all the work on one of the snow days. I have already thanked him profusely but I thought that you'd like to know about this." — Kip H.
"John Rinnert (Media Producers for Information Technology) has done a great job with this project. John elevated the project to a higher standard with his knowledge and expertise." — John M.


"On behalf of the Spencer Museum of Art and the Biodiversity Institute we would like to thank you for the swift and effective efforts of the IT team that worked with us to realize the Diego Teo Artist Installation.  In a very compressed time, this group accomplished an artistic project that features the synergies between our two museums in new and creative ways.   The IT staff  created a seamless technological bridge in order to raise the social, institutional, and artistic issues to which the project aspires.   By working across domains and units, they set a standard for the kind of collaborative work and rapid response necessary to distinguish our  University community." — Saralyn H. and Kris K.

"I wanted to say thank you for sending Kris Dover over to our office to help with our internet problems.  He has been exceptional in trying to figure out the 'poltergeist' in our area.  I can remember the days without the internet and I’m not sure how we functioned, so when there are problems now it seems like a nightmare.  Kris has been excellent in customer service and working with the people in my office.  Especially those of us who are somewhat techno challenged. Thanks again for letting him help us and figure out what was going on." — Susan T.

"Kris (Dover), Your work with my lab has been a refreshing breath of air and a very constructive interaction with central IT in what was seeming to be heading towards a dismal flat sea of poor performance and lack of  support. I especially appreciate the 'get'er done attitude' while negotiating the myriad 'places' to get stuff set up and registered. And we appreciate the encouragement as we used 'Larryware' to help diagnose possible building backbone problems. Your efforts  with us have been the best TL support we have enjoyed since our storage and retrieve system was built 12 years ago and I look forward to continuing our efforts. You seem to have embraced what a research group needs. Thanks." — Todd W.

"Coolest annual report EVER.  I love the personalization but the stuff inside is impressive.  Lots to show for last year. Congrats!" — Linda L.

"I too would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the Strong Hall IT Team. They always go above and beyond to assist ISS with all of our computer support needs. They are reliable, customer service oriented, friendly, and are a fantastic team to work with. ... I consider it a privilege and honor to be working with the Strong Hall IT Team. They are the best of the best!" — Regina S. 
"I just wanted to express how grateful we are to the IT Strong Team for their professional and swift assistance to the ISS in making Orientation Registration a success yesterday. ... Andy, Matt and the student workers each have put in tremendous effort and extra hours in helping rearrange the entire ballroom setup, and of course very swiftly networking our dozens of stations well in time. ... We cannot thank them enough, and wanted you to know how much we appreciate their support.  With still a week and a half or so of orientation/checkins ahead, I feel honored to be working with these very fine and friendly Tech colleagues." — Yuki W.
"We have seen a huge improvement in the level of service thanks to John (Stockham). I know a few individuals have expressed their appreciation for John's prompt attention to their various issues and the communication has been fantastic." — David D.
"I want to pass on my appreciation for the work that Matt (Garrett) and Kerrin (Burke) are doing. They met with students in my class this morning and really inspired the students (and me). They provided excellent feedback about students' idea for a mobile app and offered encouragement even as they pointed out obstacles. I can't thank them enough." — Doug W.
"Janice [Wagner], I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing work in coordinating access to KU Libraries’ online resources for the participants of the ASHR symposium. This was a lengthy process and required a great deal of communication, cooperation, and coordination. ... Your excellent work on this project made KU and KU Libraries look great! Thank you so much for going the extra mile." — Julie P.
"I wanted to take a minute and let you both know what an outstanding (and over the top) job Andy has done, is doing and continues to do for our office. We are a very high demanding office and sometimes we don’t stop to notice how much he really does for us (and his students). Our day to day demand on Andy [Jackson] is very high and he always is friendly, and so wonderful to work with. ... We consider Andy part of the Provost Office and we would NOT be able to do our jobs without him (and his students). He is an awesome person with a very positive attitude!!" — Sharon P.
"Just tried out the iOS printing in Watson and it works awesome!! This is a development I've been waiting for as long as I've been at KU! Good job IT! Also, swiping your KUID at the printers is another great feature rather than manually logging in. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!" — Thomas P.
"I’m sending out a big 'thank you' to you and your staff for improving our access to computing resources in a few short weeks. It has made all the difference to our work. We appreciate it." — Terese T.
"I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for some IT staff who went way above and beyond to help me this morning. ... I can’t tell you how much I appreciated everything these people did, especially Jeni and Steve. They went out of their way to help solve a problem in a very short time, and everyone was very nice about it all." — Maria T.
"I'm writing to let you know how impressed I have been with David Denning's work. In addition to his prompt attention to most hardware and software issues I experienced throughout this semester, he was also pivotal in making sure our conference call with a foundation came off seamlessly the afternoon of Friday, March 15. David arranged time to test the technology the KU investigators preferred to use ahead of the meeting, and he communicated with the foundation staff regarding our technology capacity and conferencing particulars. While we will not know the outcome of this presentation (potentially $900K for our investigators) until later this summer, it can certainly be said that David contributed to KU's getting this award should it come to pass. Thank you for the opportunity to work with David. I deeply appreciate his efforts to make this foundation conference call go so well." — Becca P.
"Just a simple thank you for the magic you bestowed upon my computer. It has never been as easy for me to access my files on the KU server as it is now.  The fixes that you made are wonderful and make my home work so much easier." — Carla B.
"Just wanted to say thanks for the help setting up my email on my mobile device!  Your instructions worked perfectly!" — Patrick K.
"This new system is great! I was able to download an mp4 of the audio+computer/PPT and it looks fantastic in my video editor." — Brian D.
"I just wanted to thank you for your support personally and that of your amazing staff in helping to make Data Privacy Day a big success. We had about 50 attendees in the room (plus 30) online for the main panel session from Noon-1pm. We also had approximately 20 for the Ask an Expert Session and with the recording of both, we will be able to share it far and wide. I really appreciate the collaboration of our areas and look forward to many future successes together." — Jane R.
"I wanted to say Congratulations on the new KU web site look. It's beautiful! Very clean looking, but with a lot of information available at various points on it. I love the photo of the campus and the boxes below highlighting news, etc. Thank you for all your efforts and work to make this happen." — Edie T.
"I watched IT Services staff go the second and third mile yesterday in clearing out space in Burt for electronic items that belonged to Engineering Management.  There were some 130 hard drives; there must have been some 50 (huge) printers!  ... Aaron Cunningham and Kyle Ashford and especially Chad Hinkle deserve high marks and much praise!  Chad makes KU a great place to work and you can be so proud of how he represents the IT Services group! Just outstanding!!"  — Michael L.
"Wanted to make sure you see what kind of job your guys doing in the field. This eWaste pickup required about a half day with 6 pickup loads of equipment coming back to the warehouse. Chad stayed on site pulling hard drives out of machines while Kyle and Aaron loaded and unloaded the equipment. A great job done by all." — John A.


"Just a quick note to thank you again for your amazing support for the student film projects ... . Javier, Jorge, and Patricia all learned so much about digital film editing with Final Cut version 10. I can't thank you enough for making it all possible with the training and support you provided, and the help of your physical studio and staff. You guys are terrific. I'm so glad I had a chance to offer this sort of on hands learning for these students." — Paul S.
"Thank you for these continuous reports. I am really pleased (and excited!) with how well the graduate CRM implementation is moving along." — Thomas H.
"I am very pleased with [the Research Files Storage] service and I am so relieved to have our data and files backed up in this way." — Kelly K.
"Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you once again for the amount of work with the student body you and your staff continue to do! Just read the announcement email that was sent out and it is fantastic that the print idea is still holding strong and that you are recognizing the initiatives that Hannah and Brandon have fought to bring forth!" — Gabe B.
"Alex, your team is fabulous! Thank you for all you do for the university. I appreciate everyone's attention on this project." — Brenda M.
"In 45 years at KU, this may have been the most positive experience I have had when experiencing a serious problem and turning to others at KU for expert assistance.  Even though it seemed at one point that it was impossible to retrieve the information that was "lost," he (Chris Teters) did not give up and calmly and professionally resolved the problem." — Jeff W.
"Very nice. Congratulations to IT on a great (annual) report. Easy to read, great graphics, and I especially like: "technology is more than just the cables and equipment that connect our customers with each other and the outside world; it is a strategic component in the success of bold Aspirations and Changing for Excellence, amplifying the efforts of university leaders and campus partners in educating leaders, building healthy communities and making discoveries that change the world." — Deborah L.

"I am new to the University staff and have been assisted by Andy Jackson the last ten days in getting set up with IT tools for my new role.  I have found Andy to be bright, articulate, speedy and professional…all attributes I look for in pilots. I thought you should know that this customer is very pleased with the service he received."  Thank you. — Jeff L.

"John Stockham has really gone above and beyond (more than usual) for the Dole Institute. He worked with the development company and programmers on our behalf to get our Kansas WWII Veterans Kiosk up and running again after the hard drive fried. This exhibit is not only one of our main features of the museum, it is also a memorial to veterans and a place where families can honor their family members—so it is really important. John’s tireless efforts to get this exhibit up and functioning was nothing short of a miracle. We were up against a mid-October deadline for our program honoring Wounded Warriors—John’s efforts early-on ensured that this exhibit would not remain defunct any longer than necessary. As you already know, we consider John part of the Dole Institute family—and we are so lucky to have him around to take care of us. I just can’t say enough good things about him—he is the best!" — Maggie M.
"I just wanted to add to the Kudos for Andy Jackson. I truly appreciate his patience. He is always more than willing to talk me through any issue step-by-step. After changing my computer over to Windows 7, he was great in taking the time to show me how to navigate it and was more than happy to share shortcuts with me that I had no idea existed." — Kathy M.
"I just wanted to let you know that the Chancellor’s Office staff is extremely pleased with Andy Jackson’s performance as our IT contact. He is always pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. He walks through at least a couple of times each day to see if we are having any problems, and he responds almost immediately to requests for assistance. He not only addresses our problems, but offers suggestions and options to suit our individual needs. We really appreciate his attentiveness and his expertise, and we feel very fortunate to have him assigned to our office!" — Debra B.
“Also, I wanted to extend my tremendous appreciate to Alex who worked on this from 1–6pm on Friday. I greatly appreciate your time and kindness, Alex. I'm happy to say it has been a happy weekend of grant writing, preparing lectures, and catching up on email. ☺ ” — Kathleen L.
“I continue to be impressed with the timeliness and expertise of your department.  Thanks for all this help.” — Steve C.
"Thanks again for moving us up in the queue. We had a staff workshop with Jeffry Lewis this morning and he did a great job. We are pumped! I’m not sure who his direct supervisor is but will you let him/her know how pleased we were with his workshop this morning?" — Kathleen M.
"This was a great summary -- such an exciting update on this tremendous support at KU!" — Marilyn A.
 "Thank you for this information. I'm extremely impressed with your eagerness to reach out to and serve the greater KU community. Thank you for your responsiveness." — Don D.

"Thanks for your hard work in all of this.  I am a recipient of all the good stuff; so it’s difficult to complain. I can imagine (luckily only imagine) the sheer amount of work it has taken to implement the changes in a timely way. Good luck." — John G.

"I thought I’d say thanks for the many efforts you have made and continue to make to improve the IT support infrastructure on campus. I can’t think of a one that isn’t moving in what I believe is the right direction. ... I have also found Kaltura/Blackboard, in conjunction with Camtasia, a great capability.  I have recorded “how to” presentations for newly arriving Army officers to get them into KU systems and enrolled in classes expeditiously. I have received several compliments from the new troops…and, better, the approach seems to be working!!" — Greg F.
"I love the IT department. You guys have provided me, over the years, with invaluable assistance for which I am always grateful." — Jane G.
"I am writing to let you know that Andy Jackson arrived this morning to do cable management on my desk.  Not only did he tie the wires, he also provided additional suggestions to move equipment on my desk to increase my desk space around my computer.  It looks great now!  Gestures like Andy’s make KU a great place to be." — Lorraine H.
"Nancy, I wanted to thank you for the quick change you made today for adding the location of the output files on these emails. Thank you for being so responsive and quick to help I really appreciate it!" - Pam B.


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