Skype Will be Retired Feb. 29

Skype for Business will no longer be available for chat, phone calls or video calls after Feb. 29. This change is part of Microsoft’s decision to retire Skype for Business and transition those features to Microsoft Teams.

How Will the Change Affect You?

How the change affects you depends on a few factors:

  • If you do not have a KU phone number and don’t make or receive calls in Skype for Business, the Skype for Business application will be disabled immediately on your workstation. Please start using Teams for chat (instant messaging) and online video meetings.
  • If you do have a KU phone number and your phone service has not yet been migrated to Teams, your service will be migrated with your department in the next several weeks and Skype for Business will be disabled on your workstation sometime before Feb. 29. We will work with your unit’s leadership team to provide more detailed information and timelines for the change within your unit.
  • If you work in a campus call center, we will coordinate with your unit leadership to provide more detailed information and timelines for migrating phone service within your unit.

About Microsoft Teams

If you aren’t already familiar with Teams, it has the same benefits and functions as Skype for Business. In addition, Teams offers additional features and benefits, including document collaboration and application integration all in one place. Whether you’re already using Teams or are just getting started, our HowtoKU website provides helpful resources.

Questions or Comments

Reply to this email if you have questions or comments about the migration from Skype for Business to Teams. And, if you aren’t already familiar with Teams or just want more guidance on how to use Teams, visit our HowtoKU website or our Knowledge Base.