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GIS (Geographic Information System) software allows you to visualize, query and analyze the geographic aspects of a body of data. KU offers various ArcGIS software products from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). For descriptions, see the table on the Access tab.

Software and Data

Allowed Use

ArcGIS Desktop

administrative, research, teaching

ESRI Data and Maps

administrative, research, teaching

ESRI Demographic Data (Census, Consumer Spending,  American Community Survey)

administrative, research, teaching

ArcGIS Online (Limited Use)

teaching and research

Business and Community Analyst applications and data


Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Faculty & Staff
Student Cost: 

Free one-year license with faculty request (Note: Faculty member must have a campus mailing address.)

Faculty & Staff Cost: 

Unlimited Use License: 
Academic departments, museum units and research units can purchase an Unlimited Use License, which includes access to all ESRI authored products available through the site license including: ArcGIS Desktop, Workstation, Analysis and Productivity Extensions, ArcGIS Server and  ArcSDE for $3,500 per year.

Limited Use License: 




ArcGIS Desktop



ArcGIS Desktop

Analysis and Productivity Extensions, includes 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst, etc.


ArcView 3.3 with ALL AV 3.3 Extensions
(Note: support for ArcView 3.3 ended with Windows XP,  updates and fixes are no longer provided)


$100 one-time fee

ArcGIS Server



Arc GIS logo
Request Access: 

To request access to the ArcGIS software products detailed below, please contact your department's technology support staff. Please visit Technology Support Center for information about your unit/department's technology support team including: team members, contact information, hours, location, and key performance indicators.

ArcGIS Software Products:

ArcGIS Desktop

Desktop is a professional software package for managing, analyzing, mapping and visualizing spatial (geographic) data.

ArcGIS Tutorial Data

Many tutorials are found in the ArcGIS Desktop Help. To perform the exercises in the tutorials, you need to install the ArcGIS tutorial data.

ArcGIS Server

Server allows you to create, manage, and distribute GIS services to support web, desktop and mobile applications.

ArcSDE for Windows

ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine) technology is a core component of ArcGIS for Server. It manages spatial data in a relational database management system (RDBMS) and enables it to be accessed by ArcGIS clients.

Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Data and Maps are a set of ready-to-use maps and data layers, including a variety of basemap and thematic layers for the US, North America, Europe, and the world.  Data include:

1. United States (census, hydrography, landmarks, transportation, USGS Topographic Indexes, etc.)

2. Europe (primarily demographic data with some supporting cartography such as boundaries, lakes, etc.)

3. World (state/province boundaries, country boundaries, water, urban areas, transportation, etc.)

ESRI Business Analyst

Esri Business Analyst combines demographic and business data, detailed maps, and advanced spatial analytics for informed market location and territory.

Esri Business Analyst Data

Esri Business Analyst Data contains current demographic and lifestyle data products at all levels of geography (state, county, census tract, block group, place, and ZIP code), for the entire U.S.

SpatiaLABS 2013

Designed for a higher-education curriculum, SpatiaLABS are stand-alone computer lab activities that introduce, develop, and reinforce spatial reasoning and analysis skills.


ArcPad is mobile field mapping and data collection software.   It includes advanced GIS and GPS capabilities for capturing, editing, and displaying spatial information quickly and efficiently.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer

Reviewer is a data quality management extension to ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server that automates and facilitates the otherwise resource-intensive process of data QC.

Check for Patches and Service Packs for ArcGIS Desktop and Server products

Additional software products, including ArcExplorer, ArcReader, ESRI Maps for SharePoint, can be downloaded for free once you have signed up for a free Esri Global Account.

Campus Labs: 

ArcGIS is available in the Budig Instruction Lab and in the GIS and Data Lab (Watson Library), as well as various departmental labs around campus.


Purchased software can only be installed on KU-owned computers. Purchasers of the software can grant use to faculty, staff and students. For additional information about the site license, including fees, visit

For questions or additional information about acquiring this software, or for software installation and licensing support, contact Jerry Whistler at or 785-864-1513.

Arc GIS logo

KU Libraries supports teaching, learning and research involving GIS. Assistance with numeric, geospatial, statistical and related data is available through the GIS and Data Lab. Contact Rhonda Houser at More information about the KU GIS site license, including information about technical support contacts, is available on the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing website

Requests for technical support for ESRI products must be made through one of three designated GIS Specialists, who will forward your support question to ESRI:

For questions or additional information about acquiring this software, or for software installation and licensing support, contact Jerry Whistler at or 785-864-1513.


The KU Libraries provides training and learning opportunities. See their website for more information.

ESRI Virtual Campus:

The KU ESRI Higher Education Site License grants free access to a wide variety of ESRI Virtual Campus courses. These self-paced web courses cover GIS Science, GIS Technology, and GIS Applications. The Site License provides unlimited access to all ESRI authored courses. Check the ESRI catalog listing for available courses.

To enroll in one or more of these courses, please contact one of these Virtual Campus Subscription Representatives:


The KU Libraries has created helpful guides and resources that are located on their website.

How do I find patches and service packs for ArcGIS Desktop and Server products?
You can find patch and service pack downloads at ESRI's website.

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