Group File Storage



KU has several options for group file storage where faculty and staff can have shared access to departmental and team documents and other data.

Central File Storage

Designed to address traditional and large file storage needs where document management is not required, Central File Storage is typically connected to the "G: Drive" on a faculty or staff member's computer. Group file storage is accessible when connected to the Jayhawk network or remotely via the KU Anywhere Virtual Private Network (VPN). Files cannot be directly shared with colleagues outside of the specified KU group.

Microsoft Teams/SharePoint

Cloud-based group file storage in SharePoint is available via direct access, or through a Microsoft Teams site.

Storing Protected Data

Storing Protected Data in Central File Storage:

Data classified as "Level 1 - Confidential Information" by the KU Data Classification & Handling Policy, including information protected by HIPPA (health info), FERPA (student records), GLB (financials) and PCI (e-commerce), should not be stored in Central File Storage. For a complete list of data classified as "Level 1" please see the KU Data Classification & Handling Policy: Appendix 1. Please contact your departmental Technology Support Staff regarding the special permissions and processes required to store Level 1 data.

Storing Protected Data in SharePoint/Teams:

Microsoft cloud platforms are fully compliant with all regulatory frameworks, but if you are going to store Critical data (formerly Level 1/Confidential) in your SharePoint or Teams site, first consult with your departmental Technology Support Staff.


Central File Storage

Complete the Group File Storage Service Request (Note: A departmental sponsor must be specified. The sponsor is a person at the dean, director or chair level who provides fiscal authorization to proceed.)

Group collaborative shares are available in increments of 50GB. Quota increases for group storage based on a business justification can be requested by completing the Group File Storage Increase Request Form.


Log in to SharePoint using your KU Online ID and password, then select the site with the files you want to access.


If not already logged in to Teams, log in using your KU Online and password, then go to the Teams site that contains the files you want to access.


Contact your departmental Technology Support Staff, or the KU Information Technology Customer Service Center at or 785-864-8080.

Training and Tutorials

Step-by-step guides for Central File Storage are available in the KU IT Knowledge Base.

Training and step-by-step guides for file storage in SharePoint and in Teams are available on the HowToKU website.


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